Builderall Cheetah Website Builder For WordPress Review

The new Cheetah Website Builder For WordPress looks pretty amazing.

This new WordPress funnel builder tool from the Builderall team looks cool:

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Has Builderall Finally Found Its “Identity”?

I’ve been using and promoting Builderall for several years now.

In fact, I noticed this morning that I’ve almost reached $10k in commissions promoting it as an affiliate. Not too shabby!

I Always Highly Recommend The Builderall Affiliate Program

Pretty sweet! BUT I’ve always struggled with understanding who builderall is a great fit for. Their tools are good…their marketing is….alright…and their affiliate program is awesome. I actually think their regular Cheetah landing page builder is awesome.

It is really fast, and creates really slick landing pages that look really nice. AND they do have a powerful email marketing platform that just comes along with the package.

Those are my 2 favorite features, and if I had to choose, that’s what I would use Builderall for: Their landing pages, and their email marketing. Everything else…can get a little weird.

I’Ve Always Thought The Cheetah Builder Was Nice.

Why Is Builderall So Popular?

Builderall claims to have paid out nearly 30 million to affiliates so far…and I honestly believe them.

But even so, I wonder how successful they COULD have been.

I think without a few badass influencers like Chad Bartlett, Liam James McKay, James Neville-Taylor and some more, they wouldn’t be nearly as well established as they are.

I feel like they’re always struggling to find the right place. And I constantly look at their new product developments and marketing and think….”Why?….who asked for that?”

It seems like they’ve hopped from being a funnel builder company – to an MLM – to a landing page builder only – to a full e-commerce tool – to now a web hosting company?

They seem like they’re always trying to find a new identity. However, I honestly think they MAY have found it…

Learn About The New Cheetah Builder Here

The New Idea: A WordPress Funnel Builder

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So their new idea is to move into the WordPress space as a funnel builder. I think they can knock it out of the park, if they play their cards right.

Why do I think they could get it right this time?

I personally think they’ve always had a problem focusing.

Person Holding Eyeglasses
Is that Clickfunnels In The Distance? Or Kartra? Or Groove Funnels? – credit:

And this could be their gateway into a hungry audience I think when they start leaning into the vast, hungry WordPress market, it could force them to focus.

WordPress has Over 455 million users built in – which is partially why I am beginning a budding career as a WordPress developer.

It essentially powers the internet, and has been the backbone of every Massively successful internet company I’ve had the privilege of working behind the scenes for – my first blog was build on WordPress back in 2009, I sold my first e-book in the same year through a wordpress plugin – and all of my blogs now still use WordPress. It’s a beast.

And if the Cheetah Builder for WordPress harnesses that audience correctly, Builderall could see a huge hit on their hands.

For once, I think they might have made a great marketing decision.

(Which is not to criticize them – obviously they know a whole heck of a lot more about making money and selling software online than I do – they’re a very successful company!)

Curious? Learn More About The Cheetah Builder Here

Can They Beat My Favorite WordPress Funnel Builder?

Optimizepress 3.0 Is Amazing
I Mean – Look At This Beauty. 👨‍🍳

Now, my FAVORITE WordPress funnel builder, landing page & sales page builder currently is Optimizepress 3.0. I’ve written more about Optimizepress on my blog here.

I am falling more in love with Optimizepress every day I use it to re-build my old funnels, landing pages, and now with their Optimizepress Mentor product, I’m even moving my old membership sites over to WordPress. It remains to be seen if the Cheetah Builder will be as good as Optimizepress.

I hope so! Because I’d love to make even more commissions recommending Builderall products.

What Do You Think?

Well, I guess it’s up for you to decide. Do you think the new Cheetah Builder for WordPress is great?

If you pick it up through my affiliate link, I’ll do a bonus coaching call and give you some other bonus goodies to help strategize how to use it to build some great new funnels for you.

Just email me back with a receipt of your purchase, and I’ll hook you up with my Bing Ads Bootcamp course (if you don’t already have it) and a couple other bonuses too.

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Happy Building! “The Nomad” Brad

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