Can You Blog On Teachable

Can You Blog on Teachable?

Making a blog post about teachingable is a great method to promote your course. Blog posts have the benefit of allowing you to add custom HTML blocks which allow you to personalize your blog post. Plus, you can redirect readers to your website and make use of the DropInBlog integration feature.

Create a blog post

Teachable’s built-in blog feature is an excellent way of promoting your courses. It can be used to advertise your coaching services as well as provide information about your school.

It is easy to set-up and use the Teachable blog feature. Blog posts can contain links that lead readers to your course. Teachable lets you create an individual domain and alter the design and colors of your blog. Teachable can be used to pre-sell content and to transform content from blogs into a courses. You can also include upsells on your thank-you pages.

First, find your blog page and copy the URL from the navigation bar. The next step is to create a custom HTML block. After you’ve done that, you are able to save your changes.

You can make your blog more useful by breaking down your content into sections. This makes your blog post easier to digest and assists readers digest your content. This is achievable by using tags to organize your posts.

Create custom HTML blocks

It is simple and easy to create custom HTML blocks to Teachable blogs. This is a great way to personalize your blog and increase traffic. This is among the cheapest methods to gain visitors.

Click the Add New Block button on your dashboard to add custom HTML blocks. You can see the design and preview of a block after you have selected it. You can edit the text of the block and style it using the WYSIWYG editor’s formatting and text features. You can also include images or links. Alternatively, you can embed a form using prefill code.

You can change the font size and the style of the text. You can also alter the alignment of your text to the left or right. You can also alter the color of the heading and text colour. Then , you can view the HTML code inside the block. To move the block, you can also drag it to move it.

Redirect viewers to your course

You can redirect people to your Teachable course regardless of whether or not you are a teacher or business owner. This is a great method to reach out to the public and make them more interested in your online course. You can also make use of this platform to promote your courses.

To start, you need to create your blog. Teachable’s built in blog feature makes it simple. This feature lets you access a variety of features that can aid you in branding your school and promote the classes you offer.

The blog’s ‘Settings’ tab allows you to modify your blog’s settings. You can choose the general options, as well as the settings that define who can access your blog. You can also allow comments. You can also add CSS or code snippets to your posts.

After you’ve made your blog, you are able to add new pages and posts to your site. It can contain content such as text, videos, quizzes, and more. You can also schedule the content to drip on a regular basis.

Integrate DropInBlog

DropInBlog allows you to create a blog on your Teachable website. The app is compatible with the Thinkific site builder, meaning you can add blogs in three minutes. You can assign authors and then easily manage the blog’s content. Additionally, DropInBlog helps you build SEO and build relationships with readers. It builds trust and loyalty among readers. This is particularly important when you have several courses to create and it’s an effective method to manage your authors.

The DropInBlog app is accessible in the Thinkific app store. Additionally it is available to all users. You can also choose to pay for a plan to gain access to other applications and integrations with email marketing. Some of these include Mailchimp, Zapiro, ConvertKit, Facebook Pixel, and many more. These tools can assist you in expanding your email list, increase new sales, and interact with your readers. You can also utilize CartStack to increase sales on a regular basis.