Canva – 3. The Psychology Of Logo Design: Gestalt Theory

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Canva – 3. The Psychology Of Logo Design: Gestalt Theory

When it comes to the psychology of logo design, there are a few key theories to keep in mind – Gestalt theory being one of the most important. Gestalt is all about perception and how we see things – specifically, how we see things as a whole, rather than as individual elements. There are a few key principles of Gestalt theory that can be applied to logo design in order to create a more effective, impactful logo

The first is known as “figure-ground”. This principle dictates that our brain will naturally see an image as a figure (the subject of the image) against a ground (the background). In logo design, this principle can be used to create a more striking, attention-grabbing logo

For example, if you have a very detailed, busy background, your figure (the subject of the logo) will need to be very simple and easy to see in order to stand out. Another important principle is known as “proximity”

This dictates that elements that are close together will be perceived as being related to each other. In logo design, this means that you should group together elements that you want to be seen as related. For example, if you have a series of symbols that represent different aspects of your business, you would want to group them together so that they are perceived as a related set

This will make your logo more cohesive and easy to understand. Finally, the principle of “similarity” dictates that elements that are similar to each other will be perceived as being related

This means that using similar colors, shapes, or styles will create a more unified look for your logo. Keep these Gestalt principles in mind when designing your next logo, and you’ll be sure to create an effective, impactful design that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.


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