Canva – How To Make Your Own Youtube Endscreen | Ccc Tutorial

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Canva – How To Make Your Own Youtube Endscreen | Ccc Tutorial

Are you working on a YouTube channel and want to make an end screen for your videos, but don’t want to spend the money to hire a professional? Luckily, with Canva, you can easily make your own end screen faster than you can say “subscribe to my channel!” First, go to and create a free account

Then, click on “Create a design” and choose “YouTube End Screen.” Once you’re in the design editor, you can start customizing your end screen template. Choose a background image or color that will complement your channel’s branding, and then add text and images to promote your other videos, playlists, or social media channels

You can even add a call-to-action button! When you’re finished, download your end screen and upload it to YouTube. That’s it! Now you have a professional-looking end screen without spending a dime.


Canva is a comprehensive online graphic design platform with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface, allowing users to create professional-quality visuals for web, print, and other tasks.

It offers a wide selection of templates, fonts, images and illustrations to help users craft beautiful designs quickly and easily.

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