Change Primary Domain Bluehost

How to Change Primary Domain on Bluehost

Bluehost allows you to change a domain’s primary address. Bluehost makes it simple to change a domain’s primary domain. However it is essential that you back up any files and databases before making any changes.

Create backups of your files and databases before changing the name of an account.

A backup of your databases and files prior to renaming an account can be a good idea. This can be helpful in the event of problems with the system or data corruption.

The first step to create backups of files and databases before creating an account is to choose the location of the files. You can select the same directory in which the original files are stored or choose a different location. Make sure that the directory names do not contain special symbols, like “.” or “..” This can cause the backup file to fail if it’s too long.

The next step is to verify that the file’s name is correct. The name of the file can be changed but will not alter its contents. However it will not be listed in the list of backup files. It is recommended that the backup file be deleted if the file is an altered version of the original. This can be done by running the command ALTER DATABASE and entering the new name into the appropriate fields.

There are numerous tools you can use to help you with Metasys Database Manager. Utilizing the DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER tool you can transfer data files from one database to another. You can also rename files that are part of a database control file or file pointer with the DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER utility.

Unassign a domain

Managing domains managing domains Bluehost is a simple and easy process. Domains can be managed through your Bluehost Control Panel’s domains page. If you don’t wish to assign a new domain to your account, you can remove an existing domain.

You’ll need to sign in to your Bluehost account to access the Domain Manager. The Domain Manager is located on the left side of the screen and has a menu for managing your domains.

Click the Manage V button at top of the page to deactivate an already assigned domain. This will show a list domains and a sub-menu with the option of removing the domain.

Customer support might be able to assist even if you don’t have the option. Alternatively, you can visit the domains section of your account and click on the link to unassign the domain.

You can assign an add-on domain to your account in order to host an additional website. To add the domain to your account, you will have to create a folder on your account. The add-on domain will become a separate website from the main domain. It is also necessary to install WordPress on the add-on domain.

It can take several hours for changes to take effect after you have assigned the new domain to an account. You can also confirm ownership by using Name server or a Record. The verification process could take a few minutes.