Cloudflare Cname

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Cloudflare Cname

Cloudflare is a content delivery network and distributed DNS provider headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA. The company provides a free cdn service that accelerates website loading by caching static content on edge servers around the world

Cloudflare also offers a paid service that adds additional features such as a web application firewall and DDoS protection. And now they offer a DNS management service called Cloudflare CNAME. DNS, or Domain Name System, is the internet’s phone book

It’s a system that converts human-readable website names (such as into numerical IP addresses (such as DNS also provides other important information about websites such as the location of servers and mail exchanges. Cloudflare CNAME is a DNS management service that makes it easy to manage your DNS records and improve website performance

CNAME stands for Canonical Name. A canonical name is an alias for another DNS record. For example, you can use a CNAME to alias to Cloudflare CNAME offers a simple and easy to use interface for managing DNS records

It also includes features such as an API, webhooks, and email notifications. Cloudflare CNAME is a great way to improve website performance and manage DNS records. It’s easy to use and includes powerful features such as an API, webhooks, and email notifications.

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