Divi How To Create A Contact Form On Click

Divi How To Create A Contact Form On Click

Creating a contact form on click in Divi is a great way to quickly and easily collect contact information from users on your website.

To create one, first navigate to the ‘Divi > Theme Builder’ page in your WordPress dashboard. Then, select ‘Add New Template’ and choose the ‘Popup’ option.

On the right side of the template editor, you will find an area called ‘Popup Settings’ where you can enter a title for the popup, set its width and height, choose between a full-screen or fixed size popup, and set when it should be displayed (on page load or on click).

Once you have set up these settings, you can begin creating your contact form. To do this, simply drag and drop the desired Contact Form module into the template editor.

You will then be able to customize it according to your needs by adding fields such as name, email address, phone number etc..

Finally, make sure that you have linked the popup to an element on your page so that it appears when clicked by visitors.


The Divi page builder is a powerful website builder created by Elegant Themes. It enables users to quickly and easily create beautiful, custom websites without the need for coding experience.

Divi is great for creating an attractive, professional-looking website quickly and easily, with more complicated features like animation and parallax scrolling offered in its premium version.

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