Elementor Form Actions After Submit


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Elementor Form Actions After Submit

Elementor Form Actions After Submit If you’re new to Elementor, you may be wondering what form actions are and how to use them. In short, Form Actions are settings that determine what happens after a form is submitted

For example, you can choose to redirect the user to another page, display a success message, or even send an email. To access the Form Actions settings, open the Elementor editor and click on the cog icon next to the form element

This will open the Elementor settings panel on the left-hand side. Under the Actions tab, you will see the settings for Form Actions. There are three actions that can be triggered after a form is submitted: Redirect – this will redirect the user to another page. Success Message – this will display a success message. Email – this will send an email. You can also choose to enable or disable the form after it is submitted

This is useful if you only want the form to be used once. To learn more about Form Actions and how to use them, check out our documentation.

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