Elementor How to Use Lottie Widget

Elementor How to Use Lottie Widget

The Lottie format is a JSON-based animation file format created by Airbnb Design.

It enables designers to create animations that are vector-based and can be exported for use in mobile apps, web, and other applications.

In addition, the Lottie format allows you to apply effects and textures to your animations with ease.

Elementor is a popular website builder that makes it easy to create custom web pages with its drag-and-drop interface.

With the introduction of the Lottie Widget in Elementor, users can now add beautiful animated illustrations to their websites with just a few simple clicks.

The Lottie widget provides access to a library of thousands of free animated illustrations that can be quickly added to your projects.

Additionally, you can customize these animations by changing their properties such as rotation, scale, color, or position in order to express yourself visually.


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