Elementor Multi-Step Form & Lottie Animations

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Elementor Multi-Step Form & Lottie Animations


Elementor is an amazing website builder plugin for WordPress. Elementor makes it easy to create beautiful and high converting websites yourself without having to learn code.

  • 100% Flexible
  • No Coding Necessary
  • Thousands of Pre-Built Templates
  • Wordpress Only
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Elementor Multi-Step Form & Lottie Animations

The Nomad Brad website now features Elementor Multi-Step Forms and Lottie animations. With multi-step forms, users can break up long forms into smaller steps for an easier user experience.

And with the addition of Lottie animations, users have access to beautiful and engaging animations that add a modern touch to their websites.

These features are easy to add to existing webpages and can be used to enhance user experience, engagement, and website usability.

Try out the new Elementor Multi-Step Form and Lottie Animation features today and see how they can help make your website even better!

Elementor Multi-Step Form

Do you want to add a stylish and interactive multi-step form to your WordPress site? Elementor’s Multi-Step Form widget makes it easy to do just that. Plus, you can add Lottie animations to your form to make it even more engaging.

Here’s how to use Elementor’s Multi-Step Form widget to create a beautiful and functional form for your WordPress site:

1. Choose the Multi-Step Form widget from the Elementor editor.

2. Give your form a title and add your form fields.

3. Select the Lottie animation you want to use from the animation library.

4. Customize the look of your form with the various style options.

5. Save and publish your form.

Now you have a beautiful and interactive multi-step form on your WordPress site that is sure to engage your visitors. Plus, with the addition of Lottie animations, your form will stand out from the rest.

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