Elementor Unable To Exit Editor


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Elementor Unable To Exit Editor

Introduction If you’re a WordPress user, there’s a good chance you’ve come across Elementor. It’s a popular page builder with a lot of features and a great user interface. However, sometimes users may experience issues with the plugin, such as being unable to exit the editor

In this article, we’ll discuss what may cause this problem and how to fix it. Body There are a few potential reasons why you might be unable to exit the Elementor editor

One possibility is that you have an older version of the plugin installed. If this is the case, you can update Elementor to the latest version and see if that solves the problem

Another possibility is that you have some other plugin or theme installed that is conflicting with Elementor. In this case, you can try deactivating other plugins or changing to a different theme to see if that fixes the issue. If neither of those solutions works, then it’s possible that there is a problem with your WordPress installation

This is less likely, but it’s still a possibility. You can try a few different things to fix this, such as resetting your permalinks or deactivating and reactivating your theme

If none of those solutions work, then you may need to contact your WordPress host and ask for help. Conclusion If you’re unable to exit the Elementor editor, there are a few potential solutions

You can try updating Elementor, deactivating other plugins, or changing your WordPress theme. If none of those solutions work, then you can try resetting your permalinks or contacting your WordPress host.

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