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How to Get the Most Out of Your Thinkific Course

After using Thinkific for a long time I’ve got a few tips that I want you to be aware of. I hope these tips will enable you to get the most out of your Thinkific course.

Chapters from the video lesson

Thinkific lets you show slides, add videos and upload work from students. It even comes with a “fun” feature allowing you to create quizzes and surveys. They also support all the standard suspects like Adobe Captivate and Google Docs. You can register for an account for free if haven’t yet tried Thinkific. There’s no need to worry about being overpriced.

The company also offers an absolutely free “smartphone application” named Thinkific on the Go that lets you take your class on the on the go. It’s a simple mobile application that allows you to upload and share your media files, send student work, and track your progress. You can also add audio to slides, which isn’t available on their website.

Integrations with third application programs

Thinkific isn’t just an online platform to create courses, but it also has many other features that will enhance the student’s experience. Its easy-to-use tools for managing data enable educators to track the effectiveness of their courses and aid in building relationships with students. Thinkific is compatible with a variety of third-party apps, allowing users to connect with a variety of different tools.

Thinkific also offers a variety of tools to share and market. The built-in Discussion feature lets students and teachers to interact and discuss ideas. There are also several features for student-teacher interactions like a Communities and Spaces function. Thinkific also supports Zoom and Adobe Captivate, two communication services. It also provides support for Google Docs files and presentations, as well as multimedia chapters that link to external websites.

Examining student activity in relation to the courses

Analytics to analyze student activity between courses is an excellent method of finding out what students are most interested in. It also offers a chance to improve the design of your product and offerings. This software offers a range of tools to help you accomplish this.

Thinkific’s app store has an intuitive interface that makes integration with other platforms easy. The features include course creation, downloadable course documents, and presentations. It supports a variety of web applications including Zoom, Articulate Storyline, and Adobe Captivate. Thinkific offers a variety of payment options, including monthly and annual plans. Although the cost of membership is quite high, it is not for everyone.

Mixpanel is a well-known app that offers a myriad of tools to help analyze student activity. In addition to analysis, the app boasts a suite of other features, including an enjoyable and user-friendly interface.

Help and training center

You might be wondering whether Thinkific is the right software for you, whether you’re a new or experienced teacher. As an LMS (learning management system), Thinkific enables teachers and students to interact in a collaborative way. It also provides simple data management tools to help educators monitor the effectiveness and efficacy of their classes. Users can also create and manage groups and communities via the system. Thinkific also comes with a discussion tool that lets teachers to manage discussions and keeps students engaged. It also comes with an integrated marketing tool via email.

Thinkific offers a no-cost trial and a course for free. A mobile application is also available for free on the platform. The platform also provides help and learning center. It also offers online course selling and telephone assistance.