HelloScribe How to Write an Elevator Pitch Tutorial

HelloScribe How to Write an Elevator Pitch

Writing an elevator pitch is an important part of any business or professional’s communication arsenal.

It should briefly and concisely explain the purpose, goals, and value of your product, service, or idea. With Helloscribe it’s easy to create a powerful elevator pitch in just a few steps.

tart by writing down the main purpose and goal of your message.

Think about what you want to get out of your elevator pitch and how you want your audience to remember you and/or your product afterwards.

Once you have identified your goal, use Helloscribe to structure an outline that captures your key messages.

Start by brainstorming potential phrases that will support the overall story of your message so you can effectively communicate it in a few sentences or less.

Once you have written down all the components for each point in your outline, use Helloscribe’s tools to edit and refine them into concise statements that make up the body of your elevator pitch.

Use active language and cut out as many words as possible so it is tight, clear, and persuasive.

Finally, practice delivering your elevator pitch aloud until it feels natural when speaking to others about it.

Be sure to speak clearly and avoid rambling – remember that you only have a short amount of time! With Helloscribe’s help, crafting an effective elevator pitch has never been easier!


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