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Hidden Fields Elementor Form

Forms are a necessary evil when it comes to the internet. Whether it be a contact form, registration form, or even just a simple search form, they are an integral part of almost every website

While they may be annoying to fill out, forms can be made much more bearable with the help of a plugin like Elementor. One of the best features of Elementor is the hidden fields feature

This allows you to add additional fields to your forms without them being visible to the user. This is perfect for when you need to gather additional information from the user but don’t want to make the form too long or complicated. To use the hidden fields feature, simply click on the ‘Hidden Fields’ tab when creating a new form in Elementor

From here, you can add as many fields as you like and even specify what type of information you want to collect (e.g. text, number, email, etc.). Once you’re done, hit ‘publish’ and your form will be ready to use! So next time you’re creating a form, be sure to take advantage of Elementor’s hidden fields feature to make things a little easier on your users.

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