How Does Clickbank Pay You

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How Does Clickbank Pay You

When you make a sale as a Clickbank affiliate, the company will pay you commission on that sale. The amount of the commission depends on the product that was sold, the sale price, and any fees that were associated with the product

For example, if you sold a digital product that cost $100 and had a $1.50 fee, your commission would be $98.50. commissions are paid out twice a month, on the 1st and 16th

You can choose to be paid by check or direct deposit. If you choose direct deposit, you will need to provide your bank account information. Checks are sent by mail and can take a few weeks to arrive. Clickbank has a pretty good reputation when it comes to paying its affiliates

However, like any company, there have been a few isolated cases of affiliate payments being delayed or withheld. If you are concerned about not getting paid, you can always contact Clickbank customer support for help.

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