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How I Finally Got Out Of My 3 Year Content “Rut”:

I’ve been stuck with creating content for years.

My confidence and business have suffered. Here’s how I finally got out…

– Worked On My Mental Health (A Lot)

  • I finally went to therapy.
  • Discovered I had ADHD.
  • Learned communication skills in my relationship.
  • Healed Deep Wounds. That was the 80/20 of all of it.

– Studied Lots Of Great Content (That I Loved).

I studied whatever content my brain guided me to. And at whatever pace I felt.

– Built Solid Note Taking System

Build a “Second Brain” that has transformed everything about life and work. I use it daily and for everything.

– Took Notes On Things I Loved.

The second brain allowed me to take notes all day every day and build my “library” of ideas, content, and resources so when I sat down to create, I had tons of ammunition.

– Wrote Bite-Sized Content First.

I was setting standards too high.

Perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and ADHD executive disfunction came together to make the barrier of creation too high.

I kept lowering the bar until I could finally hit “publish”.

Youtube Video Idea > YT Short Idea > Email Idea > Blog Idea > Tweet Idea

Whichever one of those actually gets “published” is simply where I needed to start. I can always go build on it later.

In fact, this atomic essay is just the “next version” of a tweet.

– Turned Notes Into Content.

This is so much easier than trying to think of things from scratch, and re-starting the same ideas that I had a year ago all over again every time.

Now ideas either come from the notes, or are immediately built up by what I have in my treasure trove of ideas and resources.

– Tried To Publish Daily

Writing bite-sized content was critical in this. As long as I hit “publish” in any way, I could call it a victory.

That could be any, or all of:

  • a note to myself (about a creative idea)
  • a text to a friend (about a creative idea)
  • a tweet
  • an atomic essay
  • an email to my newsletter
  • a post on my blog
  • a YT short or tik tok vid
  • a full Long form Youtube video
  • a product or course.

Any and all of them count, as they compound on each other.

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