How To Change Default Weight Of Products Shopify


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How To Change Default Weight Of Products Shopify

Introduction: As an ecommerce store owner on Shopify, one of the most important things to consider is how your products are displayed to potential customers. By default, Shopify sets a standard weight for all products

However, depending on the type of products you sell, this default weight may not accurately represent the weight of your products. In this article, we will discuss how to change the default weight of products on Shopify to ensure that your customers are getting the most accurate shipping rates and that your SEO is optimized for better search engine rankings. Body: The first step to changing the default weight of products on Shopify is to access your store’s settings

Once you are logged into your Shopify dashboard, click on “Settings” and then select “Shipping and delivery”. From there, you will see the option to “Manage Rates” under the “Shipping zones” section

Next, click on the shipping zone that you want to change the default weight for. This could be either your domestic or international shipping zone. Once you have selected the zone, scroll down to find the “Packages” section

You will see an option to “Set package weight based on value” or “Set package weight based on order weight”. Choose the option that best suits your products. Now, you can edit the default package weight for that shipping zone by clicking the pencil icon next to it

Enter the correct weight for your products and then click “Save”. This weight will now be used to calculate shipping rates for all products in that shipping zone, providing more accurate rates for your customers. It’s important to note that changing the default weight for existing products will not affect their weight for previous orders

However, any new orders will use the updated weight for shipping calculations. Additionally, if you have a large number of products with varying weights, it may be more efficient to use a Shopify app to manage your package weights

These apps allow you to set individual weights for each product and can save you time compared to manually adjusting the default weight for each shipping zone. Lastly, changing the default weight of products on Shopify not only improves the accuracy of shipping rates but can also have a positive impact on your SEO

Search engine algorithms take into account website loading speed, and by reducing the default weight of your products, your website will load faster, improving your search engine ranking. Conclusion: In conclusion, changing the default weight of products on Shopify is a simple yet effective way to provide accurate shipping rates to your customers and improve your SEO

By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure that your store is providing the best possible shopping experience for your customers. So don’t wait, take the time to update your default package weight today and watch your sales and website traffic improve.

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