How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Amazon 2019

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How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Amazon 2019

In 2019, affiliate marketing with Amazon is still a great way to earn money online. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start affiliate marketing with Amazon. Amazon is one of the most popular affiliate programs due to its high conversion rates and wide range of products. 1

Choose your niche The first step is to choose your niche. Think about what you’re passionate about and what you’re an expert in. It’s important to choose a niche that you’re interested in so that you can create content that’s helpful and engaging for your audience. 2

Create useful content Once you’ve chosen your niche, it’s time to start creating useful content. This could be in the form of blog posts, videos, or even infographics. Your goal is to provide value to your audience and help them make informed decisions about the products they’re interested in. 3

Sign up for the Amazon Associates program The next step is to sign up for the Amazon Associates program. This is a program that allows you to earn commission on the products you promote

To sign up, simply create an account on Amazon and then fill out the application form. 4. Promote your affiliate links Now that you’re signed up for the Amazon Associates program, it’s time to start promoting your affiliate links

You can do this by sharing your links on social media, on your website, or even in email newsletters. 5. Track your results The final step is to track your results

This includes tracking the number of clicks on your affiliate links and the number of sales that you generate. By tracking your results, you’ll be able to see what’s working and what’s not so that you can adjust your strategies accordingly.

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