How to Use the Menu Anchor Widget in Elementor

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How to Use the Menu Anchor Widget in Elementor


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How to Use the Menu Anchor Widget in Elementor

The Menu Anchor widget in Elementor is a great way to easily create links to sections of your page. With it, you can quickly create scroll-to points and link them to elements on the page.

Here’s how it works:

1. Drag the Menu Anchor widget onto the canvas.
2. Give your anchor a name.
3. Place it where you want to link from.
4. Use the menu widget or other link type in Elementor to create the link and select your anchor as the destination.
5. To make sure the scroll-to effect works properly, make sure to add a bit of margin to the top of the section you are linking to.

That’s it!

You have now created a link in Elementor that can scroll directly to an anchor on your page.

If you want the menu anchor widget to appear at certain scroll points, you can also insert a Scroll To widget and assign the Menu Anchor as the target.

The Elementor Menu Anchor Widget lets you easily create a custom menu that links to different sections on your page. This can be especially handy if you have a long page with lots of content.

Here’s how to use the Menu Anchor Widget:

1. Drag and drop the Menu Anchor Widget into your page.

2. In the widget settings, choose the menu you want to use.

3. Add the anchor links to the menu items.

4. That’s it! Your custom menu will now link to the different sections on your page.

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