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Js Add To Html

Adding JavaScript to an HTML document is very simple. There are only two steps to follow. First, create a new text file and save it with a .js extension. For example, we can name our file “script.js”

Once we have saved our new file, we can add JavaScript code to it. The second step is to link our script.js file to our HTML document. We do this by using the script> tag

The script> tag goes between the and tags in our HTML document. Now that our script.js file is linked to our HTML document, we can add JavaScript code to it

For example, we can add a alert message that will pop up when our HTML document is loaded in a web browser. To do this, we simply add the following code to our script.js file: alert(“Welcome to my website!”); Save your script.js file and refresh your HTML document in your web browser

You should see a welcome message pop up when the page loads. That’s all there is to adding JavaScript to an HTML document! As you can see, it’s very simple

You can add as much JavaScript code to your script.js file as you like. Just remember to save your file and refresh your HTML document in your web browser to see the changes.

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