Max Steel Air Elementor


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Max Steel Air Elementor

Max’s Air Elementor mode gives him the power to control and create air vacuums. By targeting his vacuums at his enemies, he can create powerful gusts of wind strong enough to send them flying

He can also use his vacuums to lift himself and others into the air. In addition to his control over vacuums, Max’s Air Elementor mode also gives him enhanced speed and agility

He can use his speed to create powerful sonic booms, and his agility to perform acrobatic feats that rival even the best iscircus performers. Max’s Air Elementor mode is the perfect tool for both offense and defense

With his powerful vacuums, he can take out multiple enemies at once, or create a shielding wind barrier to protect himself and his allies. Either way, Max is a force to be reckoned with when he takes to the skies.

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