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Disclaimer: No Results Are Implied Or Guaranteed. There is no guarantee this will work for you or that you will make any money at all. I am simply sharing the strategy that’s worked for me and my advice/resources.

Disclaimer #2: There are No Refunds on this offer. 

Launch Your Next Affiliate Campaign With Confidence

Let’s Master Your Niche

Are you struggling to know where to start?🤝 Let’s Research Your Niche & Find The Best Offer, Traffic, and Plan To Give You Clarity & Focus

As An Affiliate Marketer, Do You Struggle With Deciding…

– Which Niche you want to go for?- Which products to promote?- Which content to create?- Which Traffic Strategy To Use?

Do you suffer from what most of us call “analysis paralysis”?

Overwhelmed by not knowing where to start?

Let me recommend a niche, an offer, and a traffic strategy for you.

Part 1: Niche & Offer Research

1 Hour Strategy & Implementation Call With Me (The Nomad Brad)

High Quality Niche Research Deep Dive

On our 1 hour call, we will dive deep into whichever niche you want – and if you don’t have a niche, we’ll choose a good one for you. 

We will dig through keyword research, offer research, paid traffic research & reverse-engineer successful offers and traffic sources in your niche. 

At the end of this call, you will have everything you need to be successful in this niche. 

In-Depth Offer & Niche Research Reports

I will provide in-depth keyword research and niche research, and any other relevant research I think could be helpful – including exact step by step blueprints to creating traffic based on them. 

I will provide you with the PDF, CSV and other sheets for download in a private members area for reference later. 

Part 2: My RecommendedTraffic Strategy Blueprint

I will personally recommend traffic strategies based on our research, and my previous experience/expertise. 

I will cover, explain, and outline one or multiple of the following recommended traffic strategies, based on my experience and expertise. 



Tik Tok / Youtube Shorts

PPC (Bing/Facebook Ads)

And Finally, Part 3: These Incredible Traffic Boosting BONUSES:

Bonus #1:1 Hour Followup Call

($199 Value)

You’re not alone. I’ve got your back – Cyber Monday Special ONLY – I will throw in 1 bonus followup call 30 days from our first call to see how you’ve done and answer any questions, giving you a roadmap for the next phase of your journey. 

This is a massive value you can’t find anywhere else. 

Bonus #2: 3 Bonus Affiliate Offers

($97 Value)

I will include 3 additional recommended affiliate offers in the same niche and give you full research, reports, and strategy for each of them. 

Incredible value. 

These strategies could give you affiliate ammo for the next year of creating content and traffic to your offers. 

Bonus #3:My Affiliate Approval Method Checklist

($297 Value)

Ever had trouble getting approved to affiliate offers/networks? 

Over the past year I’ve been frustrated by this, and through some of my high level masterminds I have discovered a method that has skyrocketed my chances of approval for affiliate offers and networks. 

I will share this method with you and give you a checklist to give yourself the best chances for approval. 

Total Value You’re Getting Today:

1 Hour Strategy & Implementation Call ($199 Value)Niche + Offer Research Deep Dive ($199 Value)3 Bonus Affiliate Offer Recommendations ($97 Value)1 Hour Bonus Followup Call ($199 Bonus Value)Bonuses ($291 Value)


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Affiliate Niche & Offer Research+ Private Coaching (1 Hour Call + Bonus 1 Hour Call)



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You’ll Get The Research:

1 Hour Research & Strategy Call With The Nomad BradMP4 Recording Transcribed & Sent To YouIn-Depth Offer & Niche ResearchTraffic Strategy BlueprintKeyword Research Reports & Downloads

We’ll Build You A Traffic Blueprint:

I will personally research with you and recommend the traffic methods I think will work best for your niche & offer. One or multiple of these methods will be hand-picked & I will give you an exact roadmap for how to implement. 

SEO StrategyYoutube SEO StrategyPaid Ads: Bing, Adwords, FacebookTik Tok / Youtube ShortsList Building & Email Marketing

Plus These Incredible BONUSES:

Bonus #1 – 1 Hour Bonus Implementation Followup Call ($199 Value)Bonus #2 – 3 Recommended Affiliate Offers In Niche ($97 Value)Bonus #3 – My Affiliate Approval Method Checklist ($297 Value)

The Value You’re Getting:

1 Hour Strategy & Implementation Call ($199 Value)Niche + Offer Research Deep Dive ($199 Value)3 Bonus Affiliate Offer Recommendations ($97 Value)1 Hour Bonus Followup Call ($199 Bonus Value)Bonuses ($291 Value)

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