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Access Private Slack Channel: Join a case study as I experiment and learn growing my YT Shorts and Tik Tok accounts with short form content.Ask Questions, Get Answers: get help setting up your channels Share ideas, strategies, and experiments with me and other beta group members. Learn What’s Working: For Me and the other group members Right NowJoin The Cafe Today8Abca0Fa A7Ba 44C1 9Add 6F0B27554610 1 102 O 1F02B1D1A 62Ff 495E 9E49 F789489B0F7C 1 102 O 112Bac2A5 3E62 4D1D 8766 815F83B2C070 1 102 O 1

A virtual cafe is a place for us to hang out and learn, work, and create together. 

Network | with other marketers, creators & entrepreneurs.Share | Creative Ideas & Get FeedbackCo-Work 24/7 | With Other Like-Minded ProfessionalsHosted On #Slack | – start a free slack account here. 

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Got Questions? See Answers Below:

Where Is The Virtual Affiliate Cafe Hosted?

It’s hosted in Slack. If you don’t have slack, you’ll need to start a free slack account.

Can I Cancel My Subscription?

Of course! 100% easy cancels. Just shoot me an email or a message in the slack channel and I’ll cancel your subscription anytime. (And you can re-join later if you want to – though there’s no guarantee that the price will be the same)

Are There Any Other Fees?

Nope! Just one flat monthly fee for access to the slack channel. It’s as simple as that. 

Is This Coaching?

No, if you want in-depth coaching on anything specific, you can book a focused coaching session here

This group is simply a place for all of us to hang out and discuss ideas, share feedback, and really use it however we see fit. But there is no expectation for coaching or any other services rendered. 

Now, having said that…

– Will you get great advice by being part of the group? Certainly.

– Will you get inspired? Absolutely!

– Will you get great feedback? Of course!

But none of those things are guaranteed as part of the included price. 

They will happen organically as the group grows, members participate, and we and refines our purpose. 

Have More Questions?

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me

What is the nomad virtual cafe?

Why I’m Starting The Nomad Affiliate Cafe

Do you ever feel what I call “Entre-pre-lonely”?

As entrepreneurs, marketers, and creators, we sometimes get lonely.

I sure do. 

Despite that, I love being a “solo” preneur, and working by myself. 

For most of my career, I have worked remotely, and by myself.

Even when I work on teams, it’s always been remotely (even before that was “standard”)

However, I have NEVER enjoyed working from “home”.

I could never be productive, and I felt lonely. 

I needed something else. 

A hybrid, of sorts. 

A place that I could be productive…but not have any obligations. 

So what was the solution? 

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For me, it was the cafe. 

I would work from coffee shops, cafes, book stores, etc.

In fact, I LOVE working from cafes. 

I love the vibe – and the perfect expectations…

You don’t HAVE to communicate with anyone…

Or, you CAN strike up conversations with as many fellow “cafe co workers” as you want. 

Or, sit in total isolation and focus. 

It’s 100% up to you. 

And that’s what I love about it. 

Something about being able to quietly focus on my own projects, BUT have the “feeling” that others were around, and also working…

Has always been the “perfect blend” for me to work optimally. 

Lately, I’ve been thinking…

How could I create that “perfect place for productivity” for you…and for other people like us? 

So, I wanted to test an idea with you, and see if anyone else would enjoy this as much as I think I will. 

I’m calling it a “Virtual Cafe”

If you ever wished you had a virtual community where you could: 

Network | with other marketers, creators & entrepreneurs.Share | Creative Ideas & Get FeedbackCo-Work 24/7 | With Other Like-Minded Professional.

I’ve decided to create a new premium community I’m calling

☕ The Nomad “Virtual” Affiliate Cafe ☕ 

Nomad Virtual Cafe

A virtual cafe is a place for us to hang out and learn, work, and create together. 

A simple, online “Co Working” slack group for all of us to come and go as we please and talk about exciting business ideas, share ideas, give each other feedback, and generally just know that other like-minded people are “around” with no time commitments (and 100% virtual, of course). 

This is a beta test – I just want to see if you or others would be interesting in paying a small monthly fee for. 

Sound interesting?

Click The Button Below To Join The Nomad Virtual Cafe Beta group at a special discount rate. 

Join Today

Join The Beta Test Group Today…

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Iff you join in the beta group, I’d love for you to be a part of molding and shaping this group as it continues to evolve…

Here, we can have a small, high quality place to hang out and talk about nerdy marketing stuff, advise each other & share feedback. 

If you’re interested, feel free to join and let’s build this thing up together: 

Talk about marketing, business, and creative concepts, share ideas, brainstorm, get feedback on each other’s ideas & projects. Have like minded people to hang out with 24/7 across the worldDo it all asynchronously (no expectation for being on any amount of time for anyone – just come and go as we please. ☕ Join The Nomad Virtual Cafe (Beta) ☕ 

This group will be Hosted On Slack | – if you don’t have one, you can start a free slack account: https://slack.com/

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