SEO Affiliate Domination by Greg Jeffries
| Review + Bonuses 2022|

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My Review & Bonuses (2022): 

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(Completely Different Than Any Other SEO System)

seo affiliate domination greg jeffries review

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Bonus 1: 1 Hour Strategy Call ($99 Value)

"Learn From My Mistakes"

AFTER completely completing greg's training program (Important)
We will hop on a zoom call for a 1 hour strategy sessions to discuss your implementation of the system
Get Your Questions Answered by someone
Could save you a TON of time

Bonus 2: The Bing Ads Bootcamp 2.0 ($197 Value)

"Supercharge Your Affiliate Traffic"

Complete Training Course about using Bing Ads To juice up your affiliate traffic or any other product, service, or business you'd like to grow
Still one of the easiest, fastest ways to get traffic for affiliate offers in 2022
Combine PPC and SEO to supercharge your affiliate results

Bonus 3: My Secret "Affiliate Keyword Vault" ($197 Value)

"Save Hundreds of Hours"

You can use my vault of keywords to save you dozens to hundreds of hours of gathering keywords for offers to test yourself
These keywords are gathered from dozens of products in dozens of niches
Copy and paste these curated, combined and prepared keyword lists to kickstart your SEO Affiliate Efforts

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Some Results Students Have Gotten From SEO Affiliate Domination

My Results:

seo affiliate domination greg jeffries review

(Some) Other Student Results:

More of My Thoughts On The Program: 🤔

👍 What’s great about SEO Affiliate Domination :

✅ The best affiliate marketing system I’ve ever used or even seen

✅ It’s produced a LOT of results! (Even For Me)

✅ Greg and Tyler are awesome! 👍

✅ Really made me feel confident and excited about affiliate marketing

  • I know that forever, I have a system that I can execute and the results will just grow and stack over time, regardless of whether or not I keep working on it

✅ It’s NOT predicated on “hard work” alone - don’t need an audience, a product, doesn’t involve social media or recording videos at ALL

  • Can be done:

  • 🌴 100% remotely from anywhere

  • 100% without interacting with another human

  • 100% on a small budget

  • 100% without any prior marketing skills

✅ Very simple, not super nerdy and techy like most SEO strategies

  • Can really go from complete newbie with SEO and become more successful than many people who claim to be experts

  • In fact, you don’t even need to KNOW much about SEO - or learn much at all

    • But if you follow the process, you will start picking it up and become an “SEO Expert” quickly - WHILE you’re earning revenue | instead of the other way around

✅ Completely DIFFERENT than every other SEO training I’ve ever seen

✅ Doesn’t take much money to do

✅ It’s an actual marketing system

  • ⚙️ Repeatable

  • 📈 Scalable

  • 🚀 Infinite

✅ Once you build the system, it’s mostly automated and highly leveraged

✅ The income is passive when it comes

✅ There are infinite offers to choose from

✅ Works in any and every niche

✅ Definite “Blue Ocean” strategy 

✅ Competition is almost non-existent

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