Speechify Review [2023] – I Tripled My Reading Speed: Here’s How


Speechify is an AI-powered platform that converts text into natural sounding audio using artificial intelligence.

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Speechify Review

⚡ I Tripled My Reading Speed:

Here’s How

A while back, I stumbled upon this little app called  Speechify .

It helps you turn text to speech – everywhere. And it helps you read up to 4x faster.

I love it. And it works everywhere.

If you’ve ever wanted to speed up your learning, I’d highly recommend you try it.

  • Turn text on any website, PDF, Image, or email into speech.
  • Browser extension integrates to your browsing everywhere.
  • Read a paragraph, a sentence, or a whole document.
  • Fun AI voices (Snoop Dog, Dwight from the Office)
  • Flexible speeds – slow down or speed up at any time.
  • Automatically increase speed based on your current skill.
  • Read from a screenshot of any image
  • An app allows you to upload pdfs and read them on your phone.

You can check it out here:  Try Speechify 

You can watch the interview I did to learn about  Speechify  and its awesome founder, Cliff.

 You’re Not Lazy: How To Learn Anything Faster 

Level Up Professionally:

Cruising Through Boring Documents


Yesterday I was sent an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) by a new client, and I thought – “man, I should really read this”. But in the past, my ADHD wouldn’t let me.

I tried again, but my brain said “No.” and just keep looping on the same paragraph, over and over and I wasn’t retaining anything.

And then, I remembered  Speechify .

I fired it up, uploaded the boring PDF, and bam – suddenly I was able to read it because I was not only watching it highlight the text it was reading as it was reading it, but I could hear it being read into my headphones too.

I fully read the document, and believe I understood most of it.

That’s a big “unlock” when it comes to busiess.

Unlocking A Superpower: How I Used It To Impress A High Powered Client

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When you read at 2x,3x or 4x speed – it feels like a genuine superpower.

A couple weeks ago, I got a client on Upwork…

A very tech-y, and a very “boring” industry.

However, I decided that I would use my Speechify super power to surprise and delight this client, and do something probably no other contractor has done:

I read all of their very try, technical whitepapers, pdfs, case studies, and reports.

It helped me understand their business quickly and thoroughly.

It made me look like I had spent hours and hours, but really it was only maybe an hour to scan through 20-30 documents using  Speechify  at 3x speed.

The client was SUPER impressed, and a bit stunned.

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Unlock the best listening experience

  • Read 5x faster by listening
  • Remember more of what you read
  • Understand what you read better

📚 Ready To Speed Up Your Learning? Get Speechify ⚡

If you’re a speed reader, you know the importance of having a great tool to help you read faster. So how does Speechify measure up? We took a deep dive into this app to find out!

Here’s what we discovered in our Speechify review.

Speechify is an app that an increase your reading speed by up to 3 times. It’s available on both iOS and Android, and there’s a web app too.

The app works by using text-to-speech to read aloud whatever you’re trying to read. This lets you take in the information more quickly, and also gives you a break from having to focus so intently.

There are several different modes you can use. In the standard mode, Speechify will read the text at your chosen speed. But if you want to focus on a specific section, you can use the pinpoint mode.

This mode highlights a small chunk of text, and then reads it aloud slowly. This repeat listening lets you really process and understand the information.

You can also use Speechify to listen to ebooks and other long-form text. Just upload the file into the app, and it will start reading it aloud.

This can be great for when you’re driving or doing other tasks where you can’t necessarily sit down and read.

Whether you’re looking to increase your reading speed, or just want an easier way to consume long-form text, Speechify is definitely worth checking out!

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