Stripe Dummy Card

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Stripe Dummy Card

Stripe Dummy Card is a service that allows you to create a virtual credit card. This can be used to test your Stripe account or to make online purchases without revealing your real credit card information. Creating a Stripe Dummy Card is easy and only takes a few minutes

First, you’ll need to create a Stripe account. Once you have an account, you can add a credit or debit card. To create your Stripe Dummy Card, select “Credit or Debit Card” from the “Add Payment Method” dropdown menu

Then, enter the credit or debit card information as usual. When you get to the “Cardholder Name” field, enter “Stripe Dummy Card.” This will ensure that your real name is not associated with the card. Once you’ve entered all the information, click “Add Card.” Your Stripe Dummy Card will be created and ready to use

You can use it to make online purchases or to test your Stripe account. Remember, your Stripe Dummy Card is only a virtual card and cannot be used for in-person purchases. If you need to cancel your Stripe Dummy Card, you can do so from your Stripe account

Login to your account and navigate to the “Payment Methods” page. From here, you can select the Stripe Dummy Card and click “Delete.” Your Stripe Dummy Card will be permanently canceled and you will not be able to use it again.

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