Teachery Vs Teachable

Teachery Vs Teachable – What’s the Difference?

Understanding the differences between Teachery and Teachable will help you determine which platform is best for your business. It will also give you a better understanding of which features you’ll need. It will assist you in making the right decision about pricing as well as integrations and other important features.


You might be contemplating which platform is the best to use – Kajabi teachery or Teachable. Both are great technologies that make it easier to manage, create and offer online courses. However, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

The most important thing to think about when choosing an online course platform is the price. Kajabi is more expensive than Teachable. It also lacks in certain areas, like tax management and affiliate payouts. Kajabi could be the ideal platform for you if are looking for a platform that can be customized and utilized for various online course companies.

Kajabi, a digital product platform, lets users create courses and sell products, as well as coach and manage members. It also provides a range of back-office functions and email marketing options. The platform offers a free plan for creators. But the basic plan only allows users to create three products.


There are two main options for online courses Teachable and Teachery. Each platform offers unique features and comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. Both platforms are easy to use and provide value for money.

Teachery offers a variety of features. It is simple to use and comes with a variety of plans that give users the ability to customize their websites. Teachery also provides extensive documentation and a help section. The platform comes with a range of features that many creators of courses will appreciate.

Teachery also offers a free plan that allows you to try the system before purchasing. Unlimited lessons can be added to your course. However, you’ll have to pay an amount for each transaction.

Teacher Education

If you’re looking for a reliable online course platform will have several options to choose from including Teachable and Teachery. Both offer a wide range of features and an easy-to-use interface. However there are a few differences between the two.

Teachable includes more features, including a built-in comments system, quizzes, as well as an email service. However, the platform also has an education curve.

Teachery however is more user-friendly interface. For $49.95, you can get started with the Basic Plan of Teachery. If you’re looking for more features, you might have to pay more.

Teachery offers a 14-day trial for free trial to test out its various features. You can also integrate it with an email provider like Mailchimp or Stripe. It also has an integrated sales page.

Integrations with popular payment processors

No matter if you’re a beginner or seasoned creator, it’s crucial to know which of the leading platforms for online courses, Teachery and Teachable, are integrated with popular payment processors. This way, you’ll be aware of what to expect and what features are available.

Both platforms are easy to use. They let you create courses and manage your students and also sell your product. You can also connect to your most popular apps. Teachery also offers a powerful courseware creator that allows you to design your own landing pages.

Both platforms provide polls, tools for marketing via email as well as other features that can help you engage students. They do not offer webinar hosting however. You can sell digital downloads, membership items, and other coaching products through their app store. They do not have a community, or blog built-in.


The choice between Teachery and Teachable is a decision that depends on your business needs. For one, you must choose a platform that is flexible and offers enough tools to meet your requirements. You can also choose an option that is affordable.

There are three pricing plans available for Teachable. The cheapest plan is the Basic Plan, which costs $39 per month. The Basic Plan includes the most essential features and the core functions, such as unlimited courses as well as unlimited video hosting and unlimited pages. The plan also includes a built-in blog platform.

The Professional Plan, on the other on the other hand, is more costly at $119 per month. The Professional Plan lets you customize your courses, include affiliate partners and create groups. You can also accept credit card transactions in more than 130 currencies. Additionally, you get live chat support and an API.