Thinkific Community

Using Thinkific Community to Create Engaging Online Courses

Using the Thinkific Community can be an excellent method of sharing information with your students. You can create a stimulating and fun class with the numerous options available. This can be done by using an Facebook group or integrating the software with your own course builder. You can also create quizzes and assignments for your students to complete. You can also choose to use either a free or paid plan.

Payed vs. free plan

Regardless of whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned online course creator, you’ll discover that Thinkific Community has a free plan that’s designed to assist you in starting your journey. The free plan includes everything you need to start your courses and get them up and running.

You can build and host courses on the Thinkific all-in-one platform. The free plan of Thinkific allows you to host three courses, and allows unlimited enrollments. However, it lacks some important features that are essential to an online course business, including advanced email marketing tools, analytics integrations, and integrations with third-party carts.

Thinkific offers the possibility of a free plan to new users, and a monthly subscription plan. A year-long subscription to the Thinkific’s paid plans can save up to 25%.

Course builder

Thinkific Community’s course builder allows you to easily create and market online courses, no matter if you are just beginning or upgrading. Thinkific is trusted by more than 40,000 course creators, and is an all-in-one platform for online learning.

Thinkific communities allow course creators to build collaborative learning communities. These pages are devoted to your courses, and let your students interact and build trust. Thinkific Communities can be built upon existing content or you can make your own. To create a stimulating learning experience You can bundle your courses with Thinkific Communities.

Thinkific has over 1,000 apps that you can connect with to provide your students with additional learning tools. Thinkific provides guided tutorials and an user interface that is easy to use. Thinkific also offers an App Store for you to browse and download applications.

Assignments and tests

Engaging students is possible by providing them with assignments and quizzes. Quizzing is fun and interactive and allows you to test your students’ understanding.

Thinkific provides a simple, straightforward quiz template that allows you to import questions into multiple systems. The quiz o’meter comes with a variety of options, including a time limit as well as answer options and the ability to check if you’ve passed or failed. The greatest thing about the quiz o meter is that the students can take it and pass by completing their answers without needing to be graded by teachers.

Thinkific Communities is a no-cost product that lets course creators to interact with other instructors and course creators. The site features forums for community members, a quiz competition, and an ad hoc question and answer system. You can also create custom communities for each course, using a variety of features on the site.


Many online course creators find it difficult to incorporate a community to their online courses. Thinkific is a well-known course creation platform that provides tools to create online communities. But if you don’t want to make use of Thinkific to build your community, there are other options.

The alternative is to use the Thinkific app store. However, certain features of the app store are available at an additional costs. The Growth add-on costs $50 per month and offers advanced integrations. It also provides student segmentation tools, as well as bulk student messaging.

The Growth addon also includes the Thinkific Growth addon which allows you unlimited communities. This feature is only available to Pro plans. This plan is perfect for those looking to create large-scale elearning solutions.

Facebook group

Whether you’re a new Thinkific user or a veteran, the Thinkific Facebook Group is a great platform to connect with other creators, share ideas , and learn about the latest features. It’s also a great resource to seek help from experts on Thinkific.

Thinkific is an online community platform that lets you to develop and promote your own courses. It allows you to hold live classes and to sell multiple seats in your courses. You can also analyze the data of your customers. Drag-and-drop editing allows you to create an entire course.

Thinkific offers a free trial. It also has a FAQ section that provides detailed answers to frequently-asked questions. The company also has a support team which includes experts who can help you. They can be reached via email or via the online support form.