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Using Thinkific to Create Online Courses, Quizzes, and Assignments

Thinkific is a powerful and easy way to create quizzes, assignments and courses for students and professors. You can even create your own landing pages. You can also add applications and integrate payment gateways.

Create custom landing pages

Utilizing Thinkific to design custom landing pages for your business could help drive sales, increase conversions, and help your brand become more visible. Thinkific offers a user-friendly platform that allows you to create, publish, and manage custom landing pages. This SaaS platform has been used to build over 700 landing pages over the last two years, resulting in more than 150,000 conversions.

Thinkific’s site builder lets you create new pages, modify existing pages, and manage section settings. The builder has more than 20 pages sections. Each section has its own unique settings. The user interface is clean layout and facilitates easy navigation.

The website builder comes with videos that you can embed into your landing pages. Unbounce is integrated with Thinkific to help you build conversion-oriented landing pages. The checkout process on the platform can be optimized for conversions. Thinkific’s conversion rates have doubled since last year.

Thinkific offers both paid and free plans. Paid plans let you charge monthly or quarterly and annually. Thinkific also accepts Stripe payments and PayPal payments.

Offer assignments and quizzes

Making online courses using Thinkific is not difficult. The tool is simple to use and allows you to create assignments and quizzes and also create live sessions. The platform also provides a suite of learning tools that make your courses interactive. This includes a sophisticated text editor as well as a video editor.

The dashboard of Thinkific is well-designed. It also has a “Payoutfeature” that allows for the easy tracking of payments. It also comes with the “Drip Schedule” feature that lets students know when they can expect their content. The platform’s random question bank is an excellent way to ensure that students don’t retake tests they’ve already completed.

Thinkific provides a variety of learning tools, that are designed to make your classes enjoyable and engaging. It also has a robust reporting feature. It will give you an accurate measure of student performance, and can also issue certificates of completion to your students.

Thinkific offers a range of tutorials and guides that you can use to help you build your courses. There is also a Help Center.

Integrate payment gateways with payment systems

It doesn’t matter if an entrepreneur or simply looking to improve your bottom line, it is crucial to choose the best payment processing solution to suit your needs. The good news is that there’s a wide range of options available but they’re not all created equal. There is a reason that one company might offer better processing for payments than the other. It’s because they have internal processes that they have developed. The company’s BackOffice system makes it simple to manage complex payments, while its payment gateways native to the system help in selling your products to foreign customers easier.

There are a few companies that offer the best of both worlds and one of them is Thinkific. You can accept debit cards, and credit cards through its native integration with Shopify or PayPal. The good thing is that you don’t have to shut off the Stripe payment integration.

Add apps

Apps can be a fantastic option for your company to grow. Apps can help you expand your reach, boost the engagement of your students and boost conversions. Thinkific provides a range of great apps. There are numerous excellent apps available from Thinkific.

Notification bar applications can be an excellent method students to sign up to your class or make an order. They come with full customization options including templates and skins. They’re easy to use and look great on any device. They also come with the “sticky” feature, meaning that they’ll be visible even when your users scroll down the page.

Apps can be used to enhance your business processes. The Thinkific ecommerce application is designed to enable you to sell physical goods through your Thinkific site. There are also apps for analytics and marketing. Analytics tools from Thinkific monitor user behavior and patterns of buying. The data collected can be used to improve your courses as well as optimizing your marketing strategy.