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Elementor is an amazing website builder plugin for WordPress. Elementor makes it easy to create beautiful and high converting websites yourself without having to learn code.

  • 100% Flexible
  • No Coding Necessary
  • Thousands of Pre-Built Templates
  • Wordpress Only
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Vertical Side Menu Elementor

Vertical side menu elements are a great way to add extra navigation to your website. They can be used to create a hierarchical structure, or to simply add more links to your pages. Elementor provides an easy way to add vertical side menus to your website

Simply add a new menu element to your page and select the ‘vertical’ option. You can then use the ‘+’ icon to add new menu items. If you want to create a hierarchical structure, you can use the ‘parent’ and ‘child’ options

This will allow you to create a nested structure. For example, you could have a ‘Parent’ link that contains ‘Child’ links. The vertical side menu element is a great way to add extra navigation to your website

By using the ‘parent’ and ‘child’ options, you can create a hierarchical structure that is easy to navigate.

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