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Vwo Integrations

Introduction Now that you’ve implemented VWO, you might be wondering what else you can do to get the most out of your testing program. The good news is that VWO integrates with a number of other platforms, making it easier than ever to get the insights you need to improve your website

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best VWO integrations and how they can help you take your testing to the next level. Body 1. Google Analytics: One of the most popular VWO integrations is Google Analytics

With this integration, you can see how your test changes are impacting your website’s overall performance. This is valuable data that can help you make decisions about which tests to run and how to interpret your results. 2

Kissmetrics: Kissmetrics is another popular integration for VWO users. With Kissmetrics, you can see how your tests are impacting key metrics like conversion rate and bounce rate. This data can be extremely valuable in determining which tests are successful and which ones need to be tweaked. 3

Mixpanel: Mixpanel is a powerful analytics platform thatVWO integrates with. With Mixpanel, you can track how your tests are impacting specific events on your website. This data can be extremely helpful in understanding which tests are driving the most conversions or generating the most engagement. 4

Crazy Egg: Crazy Egg is a heatmapping tool that integrates with VWO. With Crazy Egg, you can see how users are interacting with your website before and after your tests

This data can be incredibly valuable in understanding what changes are having the biggest impact on your website’s usability. Conclusion These are just a few of the most popular VWO integrations

By using these integrations, you can get more insights into your testing program and make data-driven decisions about which tests to run.

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