What Is A Text Link Banner In Affiliate Marketing

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What Is A Text Link Banner In Affiliate Marketing

A text link banner is a piece of code that affiliates can place on their website to promote a merchants site. The code contains a text link to the merchant site, and when a user clicks on the link they are redirected to the merchant site

The code also contains a banner that is displayed on the affiliates website. The banner is usually a 668x90px image that contains the merchants logo or product image. The banner is designed to catch the users eye and to encourage them to click on the text link. Text link banners are a powerful way for affiliates to promote a merchant site

The banners are eye catching and the text links are usually placed above the fold on the affiliates website, which means that they are one of the first things that a user will see when they visit the site. Text link banners are a great way to increase traffic to a merchant site and to generate sales

If you are an affiliate who is looking to promote a merchant site, then a text link banner is a great option for you.

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