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Who Made Chat Gpt

In the mid-2000s, a new kind of online chat was born: chat roulette. Chat roulette is a video-based chat service that allows users to connect with others randomly. The service quickly gained popularity, with over 100,000 users at its peak. However, chat roulette was not without its problems

The service was plagued by nudity and other inappropriate content, which led to its eventual decline. Despite its troubles, chat roulette was a pioneer in the world of online chat

It was one of the first services to offer truly random connections, and it paved the way for other chat services that followed. If you’re curious about who made chat roulette, look no further than Andrey Ternovskiy

Ternovskiy was a 17-year-old student in Russia when he created the service. Today, Ternovskiy is a successful entrepreneur, and chat roulette is just one of his many successes.

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