WordPress How to Change Your Password Tutorial

WordPress How to Change Your Password

Changing your password in WordPress is an important part of keeping your website secure. To change your password, you’ll need to log into the WordPress Admin Dashboard.

From there, click on “Users” and select the user you want to change the password for. On this page, click “Generate Password” under the “New Password” section.

This will create a new strong random password that you can use.

Once you have created a new password, be sure to update any other services or plugins that may be linked to your account as well.

Password security is extremely important for any website because it helps protect against malicious attacks and unauthorized access.

Strong passwords should include uppercase letters, lowercase letters, special characters, and numbers to ensure maximum security.

Additionally, changing your password regularly is one of the best ways to keep your website safe from hackers and other security threats.


WordPress i a free, an open-source platform that enables users to easily create and manage websites.

It powers a big chunk of the internet, and is regarded as easy to use and fully customizable.

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