Activate Google My Business Chat In HighLevel

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Activate Google My Business Chat In HighLevel

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Go High Level CRM software is a cloud-based customer relationship management platform designed to help small and midsize businesses better manage and scale their customer relationships.

The software includes features such as contact management, sales pipeline tracking, lead scoring, automated email campaigns, and more.

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Activate Google My Business Chat In HighLevel

Having a presence on Google My Business is essential for businesses looking to grow their visibility online.

With the help of HighLevel’s chatbot feature, you can easily add a chat widget to your business’s Google My Business listing.

This will allow prospective customers and other users to communicate with your business directly within Google search results.

To get started, log into the HighLevel dashboard and click on “Channels” in the left menu. Then select “Google My Business” from the list of available channels.

You will be prompted to enter your business name or address, which will allow HighLevel to connect directly with your Google My Business listing.

Once the connection is established, you can customize your chatbot’s welcome message and create a list of frequently asked questions that it can answer. You can also set up automated responses to common inquiries and customize the look and feel of your chat widget.

After you have configured your settings, click “Activate Channel” and your chatbot will be live on Google search results. Now, when a customer searches for your business name or address in Google, they will see an interactive chat window that is powered by HighLevel.

By using HighLevel to create a customized chatbot, you can engage with customers more efficiently and provide them with the information they need quickly. Plus, it’s a great way to capture leads and drive sales for your business!

You can also take advantage of HighLevel’s advanced features like automated messages, customer segmentation, and tracking analytics.

With automated messages, you can create personalized messages that will be sent out when customers first enter the chat window or after they leave. This helps drive further engagement with customers, increase sales, and boost customer loyalty.

Customer segmentation is also a powerful tool for identifying different groups of customers and understanding their needs better.

HighLevel allows you to create segments based on location, interests, previous purchases, or any other criteria you specify.

If you have a physical location or service area, you can use Google My Business to manage your information on Google and connect with customers. You can verify your business, list your business hours, add photos, and respond to customers.

If you want customers to be able to message you through your listing, you need to activate Google My Business Chat. Once you’ve done that, you can start chatting with customers from your computer or phone.

Here’s how to activate Google My Business Chat:

1. Sign in to your Google My Business account.

2. Click the Messages tab.

3. Turn on the toggle next to “Allow customers to contact me.”

4. Click Save.

Now that you’ve turned on messages, you’ll need to respond to customers within 24 hours. If you don’t respond within that time frame, the customer will be notified that you’re unavailable and they’ll be able to message you again in 7 days.

If you want to chat with customers but can’t be available 24/7, you can set up an away message. Customers will see your away message and be able to message you, but they’ll also be notified that you’re away and that it may take longer for you to respond.

Here’s how to set up an away message:

1. Sign in to your Google My Business account.

2. Click the Messages tab.

3. Click the Settings icon.

4. Turn on the toggle next to “Set an away message.”

5. Enter your away message and click Save.

Now when customers message you, they’ll see your away message and know that you’re not available to chat. They can still send you a message, but they’ll be aware that it may take longer for you to respond.

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