Ascension Press Thinkific

Ascension Press Thinkific Activation Program

Activation is the process of getting your mind and body ready for the first step towards self-mastery. The Ascension Press offers an online program called Thinkific which can help you prepare for this important spiritual journey. The program includes videos as well as activation prep classes and a no-cost plan for anyone who is interested.

Preparation for activation

A Thinkific activation preparation class is an excellent way to prepare yourself for a course that will help you develop multi-dimensional abilities. You’ll also learn about psychic and spiritual abilities. These courses are taught by Sandra Thomas, an Ascension Coach and Soul Purpose Illuminator. Learn about the importance and benefits of focusing breath, high-vibrational actions.

Thinkific is an online learning platform that allows you to build your own course web site. It also lets you invite instructors and students from around the world to participate in your course. You can also automate your email and receive detailed statistics.