Thinkific Layoffs

Thinkific Layoffs

Despite recent news of the layoffs at Thinkific, it is possible to get new jobs at the popular web-based company that makes software for managing content. The company is a leading supplier of software for managing content and will likely have many jobs for those who have experience in web design or content management.


This year, Vancouver-based Thinkific has laid off 20 percent of its employees. According to the company it will result in an annual savings of $10 million annually. Thinkific is an online platform that lets you to create online courses It also said it has a long-term plan that is unchangeable.

The business model of the company is based on helping entrepreneurs and businesses diversify their businesses and generate revenue. It allows instructors and creators to create online courses and then sell them on their own websites. According to the company, more than 50,000 companies have utilized its platform to create courses. Thinkific helps businesses grow their business, in addition to helping businesses launch.

In the next 18 months, the company will hire 350 people. According to the CEO of the company the company has a plan to achieve the growth driven by product it has become known for. He said that the company is on track to grow by 60 percent over the next few years.

Thinkific has raised $22 Million in funding so far. The company has more than $110 million on its balance sheet. The company earned $160 million in gross profits from its initial public offering, or IPO, in April.

Mobile responsiveness

If you’re a first timer to the mobile content market or an experienced veteran the mobile content industry is certainly a hotbed of innovation. The industry is developing at a rapid pace, from mobile video to mobile learning to course creation. With the rapid growth of mobile content being a top priority, there’s no reason for a mobile content scale not to be doing their task. It’s therefore crucial to ensure a smooth mobile experience for both the user and the business. This is where a mobile-first approach to development of content is essential. By providing the mobile content in a mobile-first manner that the user experience is optimized for all mobile devices and operating systems. Thinkific utilizes a mobile strategy for content development to ensure that mobile content remains current. This includes the mobile security strategy and a mobile content management strategy, and an integrated mobile distribution and marketing strategy.


As it seeks to reduce costs, Thinkific laid off approximately 20 percent of its employees despite its successes in online education. The company has stated that the cuts will be aimed at improving efficiency. The company also said that the cuts will reduce the costs of the provision of services to its members.

Thinkific helps businesses and instructors create online courses and develop abilities. Its platform has helped to bring in more than $1 billion in orders. It also launched Thinkific Payments in the United States and Canada, making it easier for companies to sell learning-related products.

As more users and course creators visited the website The revenue grew by more than 50% last year. Analysts predict that the company’s revenue in 2020 will rise to US$21 million, up from the US$10 million it earned the previous year. It is also planning to launch more integrations which include one that integrates with Databox. This will allow Thinkific members to access more analytics. Databox makes use of data science for analysis of business data. This integration helps Thinkific members better understand how customers use the products of the company.