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The Bookwise Theme – a brand new WordPress theme for authors and writers, was just launched by Thrive Themes as part of their Thrive Suite.

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Bookwise Theme Review

Bookwise Theme Preview

Bookwise looks visually beautiful, offering a classy and modern look for any independent authors especially to stand out and have a distinguished look to help them attract readers and publishers.

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What Is The Bookwise Theme?

If you’re an author or writer and looking to create a stunning website to attract readers, publishers, and build a great relationship with your audience, bookwise is a beautiful theme to help you achieve that.

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Who Created Bookwise?

Bookwise is created by the team behind Thrive Themes.

I’ve been using Thrive Themes for years now and have always been impressed by the quality of their theme design and performance.

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Thrive Themes Indie Author Website Course

Bookwise also pairs well with the brand new course on how to create a website for authors and writers published by the thrive theme company.

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Course: How To Build A an Indie Author Website

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