Camtasia Tip: Ripple Move & Extend Frame

This is a great tip for speeding up editing in Camtasia.

It’s called “Ripple Move”. And it’s how you move multiple clips at once in Camtasia.

Here’s how to do a ripple move in Camtasia:

Keyboard Shortcut: Shift + Drag A Clip

It allows you to move a whole set of clips on a timeline at the same time. This will save you TONS of time.

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Extend Frame

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Use The Extend Frame Trick In Camtasia with option + drag the clip

Another trick is the “Extend Frame” Trick

With extend frame, you can “freeze” a frame in a specific place on the timeline by just clicking and dragging.

To use the extend frame feature:


  1. Drag the playhead to the frame to extend.
  2. Right-click the video clip and select Extend Frame or press Shift+E on the keyboard.
  3. The Extend Frame dialog appears. Enter the desired duration of the extended frame.
  4. Click OK.

You can also extend the frame by holding the Alt key while dragging the end of a clip.

Keyboard shortcut (Mac): Hold the Option key while dragging the end of the clip.

You can learn more about here: