WordPress Hooks Guide For Beginners

In my process of trying to learn about how WordPress works and become a WordPress Developer, I have stumbled upon the idea of hooks.

I’ve been stuck on this question for a while: What is a WordPress hook?

So I’ve put together a guide for beginners to understand hooks, because I am currently a beginner.

Here are my favorite resources for learning about WordPress Hooks:


Table of Contents

📖WordPress Hooks Guides📝WordPress Hooks Cheat Sheets
🎓WordPress Hooks TutorialsWordPress Hooks Full List

#1: WP Shout Intro To Hooks & Filters

Read The Full Article on WPShout.com

This excellent summary is a sample chapter from the book Up and Running, which is a full course on how to become a WordPress developer.

But this one sample chapter is the clearest and most concise introduction to the concept of what hooks and filters are, and how they work.

#2: Kinsta WordPress Hooks Guide

Kinsta has the next best guide, in my opinion in their blog article.

It’s much more in-depth, and a little more technical.


Kinsta WordPress Hooks Guide Table of Contents

  1. What Are WordPress Hooks?
  2. Hooks vs Actions vs Filters
  3. How Do WordPress Hooks Work?
  4. Where to Register Hooks and Their Functions?
  5. Using WordPress Hooks
  6. WordPress Hooks List and Resources
  7. Finding Hooks Registered on a WordPress Page
  8. The “all” Hook
  9. Where Are WordPress Hooks Stored?
  10. How to Create Your Custom WordPress Hooks
  11. Removing Callback Functions from WordPress Hooks
  12. Bonus WordPress Hooks Tutorials



WordPress Hooks Tutorials

WordPress Hooks Guides

WordPress Hooks Cheat Sheets

WordPress Hooks Full List

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