WordPress Hooks Guide For Beginners [2023]

In my process of trying to learn about how WordPress works and become a WordPress Developer, I have stumbled upon the idea of hooks.

I’ve been stuck on this question for a while: What is a WordPress hook?

So I’ve put together a guide for beginners to understand hooks, because I am currently a beginner.

Here are my favorite resources for learning about WordPress Hooks:


Table of Contents

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#1: WP Shout Intro To Hooks & Filters

Read The Full Article on WPShout.com

This excellent summary is a sample chapter from the book Up and Running, which is a full course on how to become a WordPress developer.

But this one sample chapter is the clearest and most concise introduction to the concept of what hooks and filters are, and how they work.

#2: Kinsta WordPress Hooks Guide

Kinsta has the next best guide, in my opinion in their blog article.

It’s much more in-depth, and a little more technical.

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Kinsta WordPress Hooks Guide Table of Contents

  1. What Are WordPress Hooks?
  2. Hooks vs Actions vs Filters
  3. How Do WordPress Hooks Work?
  4. Where to Register Hooks and Their Functions?
  5. Using WordPress Hooks
  6. WordPress Hooks List and Resources
  7. Finding Hooks Registered on a WordPress Page
  8. The “all” Hook
  9. Where Are WordPress Hooks Stored?
  10. How to Create Your Custom WordPress Hooks
  11. Removing Callback Functions from WordPress Hooks
  12. Bonus WordPress Hooks Tutorials



WordPress Hooks Tutorials

Write about wordpress hooks tutorials

WordPress hooks tutorials are a must-have for anyone looking to extend the functionality of their WordPress website.

Whether you want to add custom code snippets, create new pages, or even develop entire plugins, understanding how hooks work is essential.

Fortunately, there are many great tutorials available out there that can help you get up and running quickly and easily.

For those just starting out, the WordPress Codex is a great place to begin. It contains detailed information on the various types of hooks available and how they are used.

Additionally, there are many excellent step-by-step tutorials and examples that can help you understand the basics and get going with your projects quickly.

If you need more support, there are many excellent online communities and forums dedicated to WordPress development.

These can provide essential advice and guidance that is tailored specifically to your project. Additionally, they may offer helpful tools and plugins that can help speed up the process.

Finally, if you would like a more structured approach or want to challenge yourself further, there are many courses and tutorials available.

These can offer greater depth of knowledge and help you become an even more proficient WordPress developer.

No matter which approach you take, the key is to keep learning regularly and practice what you learn as often as possible. With enough dedication and effort, you too can become a great WordPress developer!

WordPress Hooks Guides

WordPress Hooks Cheat Sheets

WordPress Hooks Full List

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