Expression Is Compression

“Expression Is Compression”

“Experiences become shareable creations the way tree sap becomes maple syrup.

It takes 50 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. So whenever I feel like I don’t have enough ideas to create something meaningful, I go collect more experiences and spend time processing them by writing and talking to friends.”

This is a really cool idea that I learned from David Perrel, creator of the Write of Passage writing course.

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What does Maple Syrup have to do with marketing?

Ultimately, marketing can be simplified to be creating content that moves people toward an action.

  • an ad is content
  • a newsletter is content
  • videos are content
  • emails are content
  • sales calls or “consultations” are content
  • Instagram posts are content

Each of them are a way of compressing – a story, an idea, a narrative, an ideology, an experience, a lesson.

And this is the thing we value most as humans – ANYTHING that will save us time, effort, and energy. And the easiest way to come up with content is to compress something else that you’ve spent a lot MORE time learning, doing, or creating.

What Can You Compress For Others?

The World Needs Your “Compressed” Experiences To be “Expressed”.

If you’re finding yourself stuck on how to create content, this mental model may help you out.

Everything we value about content is about compression.

Taking something that you know, and compressing it down into more digestible chunks for another human to understand easier, faster, better.

If you can do that, you can create content.

If you can create content, you can put more “hooks” out in the water.

And the more hooks you put out in the water, the more comes back your way.

In the quote above, David was compressing the lessons from reading a dense academic study about the idea, and that act of compression was extremely valuable to me.

A few months ago I read dozens of David’s blog articles, watched dozens of hours of his Youtube Videos…and this quote is one of the things that stuck out most to me.

So I am “Compressing” all of that time and energy and lessons, into this one quote – so you don’t have to go and repeat my actions.

And I hope that’s valuable to you.

Want Help Getting Started?

If you want help figuring out how to get started on your journey of compression and expression, I have a few limited spots open for general “coaching” sessions.

Thinking of launching a youtube channel? Tik Tok? Blog? An Ad Campaign?

Not sure where to even start?

I might be able to help.

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