✍️ 5 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Writing

Today I’m going to share why I think the most profitable thing you can do this year is learn how to write on a daily basis…as awful as that may sound…why I think you’ll actually enjoy it

PLUS 5 little tricks I’ve picked up that will help you to “trick” yourself into writing, even if you never ever thought of yourself as a “writer”

– – – ​
Lately, I’ve been working on building a daily writing habit.

I know. Gross.

But let me explain…

I actually never wanted to be a writer, even though I’ve studied copywriting extensively and have been responsible for millions in sales as a copywriter.

I’ve tried to avoid writing as much as possible…

Even when ALL of the friends I’ve known who blew past me in monetary success and became gazillionaires at a very young age…

ALL got great at copywriting.

I know. I’m not exactly the brightest apple in the bunch. 🍏

I just refused to admit that writing was something I had to do.

I was blind 🙈 — but now I see. 👀

Anywho – let me tell you why I think their advice that writing is the #1 skill any online business person should master…might just stick this time.

And why you should build a daily writing habit.


Why Write?

The More You “Make” = The More You Make.

The more you make, the more you make.

In other words – The more content you put out there in the universe, the more your income will grow. 

I’ve seen this principle to be true in my life and all my other friends who venture off in the entrepeneur or solopreneur space.

My friend Greg Jeffries calls it “hooks in the water”.


The more hooks you put out in water in the form of creating content online…the more chances people have:

– to find it​
– to get impacted by it
– to click on it
– to buy it

If it doesn’t exist, they can’t find it. And there more hooks you have out there, the easier it is for someone to find them.

The simplest way to increase your income is to increase your output.

Writing Is The Fastest, Easiest, And Most Scalable Way Of Creating “Hooks” In The Water. 
This one stings for me to admit, but here we are.

I am reaching you through writing.

Most of the most impactful ideas I’ve ever had that changed my life, taught me a valuable lesson, or reached me on a deeper intellectual or spiritual level, all came from books.

Here are the important things in our world that stem from writing:

A blog article is obviously writing.

But here are some other things that are essentially just writing, with a few more layers on top:

– Youtube Videos = writing. 

A video is essentially the spoken and recorded version of a written script.

Every video I’ve ever made started with at least a written outline.

The ones that got a lot of views and made me a lot of money were the ones that I spent more time writing an outline and thinking out the concepts…PLUS writing a powerpoint presentation and showing it in the video.

– Online Sales = Writing.

Every product I’ve bought online has had a sales page that was written by someone.

Emails that got me to the sales page were written by someone.

– Courses = Writing.

All courses I’ve taken are essentially a written outline that is then recorded. The thinking and creating happens first with writing – then gets translated to spoken word.

Some courses I’ve paid a lot of money for were entirely written!

– Online Communication = Writing.

Most of our communication online = written.

Whether you’re texting your mom, or writing an email that gets sent out to 500,000 subscribers and makes more money than you thought was possible…

MOST of our communication these days stems from writing.

If Writing Is This Important, Why Is It So Hard?

So all of this begs the question:

If everything I have ever dreamed about in life is on the other side of mastering the written word…

Why have I resisted doing it so much?

I think writing sounds scary and intimidating for a few reasons:

  • School made writing suck.
  • There’s too much “baggage” around the word “writing”.
  • We don’t realize that we can “write without writing.”

🎒 School Writing Sucks.

But Writing Things That You Care About (And Make You Money) Is Actually Fun.

If you’re anything like me, school made writing into a horrible chore that sucked the life out me.

Especially college writing.

Academic writing really saps the joy out of it – and I think we carry those scars into our adult life.

But when you start writing things that you actually care about – and especially things that will go on to make you money – writing starts to feel a lot more fun.

🧳 Too much “baggage” around the word “writing”.

When I think of writing, I conjure up images of pretentious bearded white man retreating to a cabin in the woods to write the next great american novel.

Or some stressed out 20-something journalist trying to hack it into a career working for a magazine, blog or social media operation.

That never appealed to me.

I never really “vibed” with the romantic notion of being a writer.

The good news is – you don’t have to.

Writing can be whatever you want it to be, and it can be a vehicle for expressing your thoughts and building a business that brings you every kind of freedom you can imagine.

And here’s something you might not have noticed – you’re already a writer. 

If you use a smartphone – you already write all day.

You’re just not capturing that writing and turning it into assets that can make you money.

Which brings us to our last writing “hangup” and those 5 ways to trick yourself into writing (even if you’re not a “writer”).

✍️ How to “write” without writing.

What I’ve learned recently is that to write without writing, and createa. LOT more content almost on “autopilot” throughout your day…

You need to “flip the script” when it comes to thinking about writing.

Instead of thinking of writing as the stage where you’re actually typing things onto the page…start thinking of writing as everything you do during your day BEFORE you sit down to write. 

– You are “writing” when you’re watching a youtube video and having cool ideas.

– You are “writing” when you’re listening to a podcast and it inspires you.

– You are “writing” when you’re talking with friends about something that interests you.

– You are “writing” when you buy a course and go through it.

– You are “writing” when you text a friend a thought or idea.

– You are “writing” when go for a walk and ponder something fascinating.

This is what I’m calling “writing without writing” 

These activities are all giving you fuel for creation.

Writing is just the last little part when you sit down and put together all those cool thoughts and ideas and put them into a work of creativity.

As a bonus – if you write your ideas down in a note taking system or program like Evernote it will be 99.99% easier to writer when you site down – BUT we’ll cover that another time.

🔲 ⏹ ▪ | Write The “Minimum Viable” Version

Once you’ve done all this “Writing without writing” – you have primed your brain.

You have prepped your ideas.

And here’s the good news – you don’t have to write a huge blog article, sales page, or book. 

All you have to do is create the “minimum viable” version.

That can be:

  • A note to yourself
  • A text to a friend or colleague
  • An email to a friend
  • An email to your email list
  • An article on your blog
  • A Facebook Post
  • A Tweet on Twitter
  • A single word in a journal

As long as you took an idea from your head and turned it into words on any page — consider it a victory!

You are a writer.

Boom. Your mom will be so proud.

📚 Stack To Build Momentum

So that creating the next thing becomes infinitely easier.

Before you know it, you’ll be writing monstrously long emails like this one.

And more importantly, you’ll be creating assets that can go out there in the world, potentially impact other humans, and they can send some of their money your way in the form of:

– buying a product you recommend
– clicking on an ad on your blog
– giving you a “like” or a “follow” to boost your authority
– Sending you a kind word
– buying, downloading, or sharing your e-book or product

✍️ 5 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Writing

✅ | Realize You’re Already A Writer
✅ | “Write Without Writing”
✅ | Write The “Minimum Viable” Version
✅ | Realize You’re Already A Writer
✅ | Stack To Build Momentum

I genuinely hope these tips have helped you get excited about writing again, and stop being so intimidated.

It’s a huge leverage point for your business, and the world wants and needs to hear your ideas, thoughts, businesses, and more.

👆 Bonus #1 : Trick Your Brain With This Free Tool

Lastly – You can use a simple psychological tool to help you build a daily “writing habit”.

I built it today, and you can download it for free. 

Cleanshot 2023 02 10 At 15003335
✍️ 5 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Writing 4

✍️ Download Free Writing Habit Tool

👆 Bonus #2 : Trick Your Brain By Joining A Community 

One of the fastest ways to form a habit is to do it with other people.

If you want to join a community of people who are working on themselves, and using writing and other skills to achieve the life they dream of,

I am re-launching the “Nomad Virtual Cafe” for free, as a place for solopreneurs to hang out and talk about:

  • Business
  • Life
  • Marketing
  • Self Improvement
  • More subjects as we grow.

And of course, support each other.

It’s hosted on discord, and like I said, it’s free.

Nomad Virtual Cafe Discord Banner 1

☕ Join The Nomad Virtual Cafe Today (Free)

There’s no commitment from me or anyone else there for now, it’s just a place where people who value the things that we do can hang out and share.

Hopefully it’ll grow into something amazing with time.

I plan on being in there from time to time while I’m working on daily writing, recording, or studying.

I’ll be in there tomorrow at some point, and will host some discussions and other live events in there from time to time as the community grows.

Hope to see you in there soon. ​

Join for free here <<<

The Nomad Brad
✍️ 5 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Writing 5

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