The Best Affiliate Marketing Tools & Resources (2023)

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools 2023

These are some of the best affiliate marketing tools and resources that I’m using in 2022.

Speed up your results by taking advantage of these awesome tools, trainings, and resources.

Whether you’re looking to find good website hosting, build high converting sales funnels, run paid traffic, Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Research, or Email Marketing, I’ve got you covered.


“The Nomad” Brad

The Nomad Brad
Affiliate Marketing Tools 29

Table Of Contents

✉️ Email Marketing Tools   Sales Funnel Tools
🎯 Paid Advertising (PPC) Tools 🎥 Youtube & Video Marketing Tools
✍️ Copywriting Tools 🔎 SEO Tools
🌐 Web Hosting 📚 Books
🚀 Traffic Automation   Content Spinners & Rewriters

🌐 Web Hosting

Best Web Hosting 2022

Best Web Hosting For Beginners

Bluehost Logo
Affiliate Marketing Tools 30

Bluehost (Starting at just $3.95/month)

If you’re just starting out, or if the website you’re building isn’t profitable yet, then you don’t need super powered hosting. 

You can start out with a “shared” hosting plan from Bluehost and pay as little as $3.95/month. 

Try Bluehost For Just $3.95/month

Best Web Hosting For Professionals

Liquid Web

Liquidweb Logo
Affiliate Marketing Tools 31

If your business is more advanced and PROFITABLE, you will want to upgrade your hosting. 

In my experience, Liquid Web hosting has been the BEST host for support, performance, and flexability. I literally saved $200/month and got BETTER performance from my main blogs by switching to liquid. 

They have helped and talked with me on the phone for hours and are very helpful. I can’t recommend them highly enough. 

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is the centerpiece of most digital marketing strategies.

You may think that email marketing is dead, but that has been said for the last 20 years, and it continues to thrive and drive e-commerce, sales, leads and revenue in 2022.

If you’re running a business online, email marketing should be where you start and focus your initial marketing efforts as it still has a higher return than most other marketing channels.

These tools are the best out there to help you with email marketing automation, building effective autoresponder campaigns, landing pages, and building paid newsletters.

Best Email Marketing Tools
Affiliate Marketing Tools 32


Best Email Autoresponder Software


Convertkit Logo
Convertkit Is A Great Option To Build Your Email Marketing

Convertkit is my pick for the best email marketing software out there for most people.

The thing I like best about convertkit is the simplicity of their interface.

A few years ago, I feel like a lot of the other email marketing platforms started to build out a ton of functionality into their platforms, and got very cluttered.

Converkit has all the bells and whistles, but still looks very clean and simple in design.

I find it very easy to just jump in, write an email and send it to my subscribers.

Who is Converkit Good For?

I think Converkit is Really great for content creators, bloggers, product & course owners.

Easiest to get started with service I’ve ever used (and what I’m currently using)

Plus, a couple years ago they added a paid newsletter feature if you’re looking for an alternative to substack or similar services.

Try Converkit

  • 🦊 Sendfox
        • Free – New player in the game from Appsumo team. 
        • Very no-frills, down to essentials in true “sumo” style. 
        • The more I use it, the more I like it! 
        • It’s a very modern, sleek, minimal approach to email marketing. 
        • Perfect for starting out a list. 
      • Others: 
        • 🙊 Mailchimp
          • Free, but pretty limited in the beginning
          • Really good for E-Commerce, not so good for industries they don’t approve of (aka affiliate marketing)
        •  Getresponse
          • Pretty awesome, a little more tech-y but very nice visual automation builder
        • Active Campaign
          • Professional, powerful. 
          • Probably the most powerful automation-heavy features. 
        • Aweber
          • Old school. Still very popular, it’s never been my favorite
    • – Email Referral Programs
      • Spark Loop
        • Build your email list with referral incentives – spark loop makes it easy to set up. 
    • Paid Newsletters

Sales Funnel & Landing Page Building Tools

These days, if you’re not building sales funnels, your business is really missing out on a huge opportunity for additional revenue – whether you’re running an information product business, an e-commerce business, or a coaching business, sales funnels are the sure fire way to increase profits.

Ever since the launch of Clickfunnels a few years, ago, there have been many awesome sales funnel and landing page building software solutions that have been developed.

These are, in my opinion, the best sales funnel software options in 2022.

Best Sales Funnel Tools
Affiliate Marketing Tools 33


Clickfunnels Logo
Clickfunnels Is Still The Best At Sales Funnels

Clickfunnels is still the biggest and best solution for creating sales funnels. It’s built from the ground up to handle that feature beautifully.

They have also tried to sell it as an email marketing platform, a full crm, affiliate program platform, a blog and website builder, and more…but honestly, I don’t think it does any of those things very well.

It does one thing very well, and better than anyone: Build Sales Funnels – fast, beautiful, and efficiently.

I personally also think it is very good at managing members areas and training courses. I’ve been using it for years to sell and host my Bing Ads Bootcamp 2.0 training course, and think it does a pretty great job, though probably not as well as a platform like Kajabi.


Kartra Logo
Affiliate Marketing Tools 34

Kartra is an amazing all-in-one marketing platform. That’s how they sell it, and I think it really is amazing at doing that.

If you want to bring ALL of your marketing features in-house into one platform – including all of your email marketing, autoresponders, sales funnels, shopping carts and checkout flows, lead followup and affiliate program, Kartra is the way to go.

It builds beautiful sales funnels, but also handles everything else really well.

It processes payments, comes with many pre-built email automation templates, sales funnel templates, and full blown business models ready to deploy in one click.

Kartra is one of the best platforms out there for running an entire digital marketing or information product business.

Try Kartra

Groove Funnels

Groovefunnels Logo
Groovefunnels Is The New Cat In Town

Groovefunnels came out a couple years ago, and is a really beautiful platform.

Much like Kartra, groove tries to sell itself as a true all-in-one marketing platform.

Though I haven’t used Groove Funnels much, I would have to say that from what I’ve seen inside the platform, it really looks beautiful.

And the folks who use Groove Funnels really love it. It’s built quite a rabid fan base in the past few years.

I think their branding is beautiful, and they’re being run by some long time internet marketing veterans who definitely know what it takes to help entrepreneurs build their online businesses.

I would definitely check out Groovefunnels if you’re curious about seeing what all the hype is about.


Builderall Logo
Builderall Is The Right Fit For Some People

Builderall is another great choice for certain digital marketers.

I have been a builderall user since close to the beginning, and I have to say they do get better and better every year.

However, I feel like their growth rate is slower than the others listed on this page, and I’m not exactly sure why.

Builderall has done a great job of building a strong community of loyal users – evangelists for the brand who help small business owners build their products and funnels on BA.

Who is Builderall good for?

In my opinion, Builderall is really good for affiliate marketers. People who just need to build nice looking, fast, and simple landing pages and funnels.

It could also be good for starting a web design and digital marketing service business for clients.

However, if you’re going to make websites for clients, why wouldn’t you use a more robust and universal platform like WordPress with a plugin like Elementor to make you clients’ sites look great, and give them a way to actually be able to edit their sites on their own?

Well, Builderall has always sold itself as another “all in one” marketing solution – however, I think that it does the worst job at doing MOST of the things that it claims it CAN do.

Most of the tools and features included in Builderall are, in my experience, not worth trying.

For example, using Builderall to sell your own products is not a very great experience. It’s very clunky and not very intuitive.

HOWEVER Builderall is really great at building landing pages and simple sales funnels.

It also has a really amazing affiliate program that I’ve been using to offset the cost of my subscription from the beginning.

They have a 2 tier system and people like Chad Bartlett and Liam James Kay have built very strong income streams just by promoting Builderall as an affiliate.

I have made nearly $10,000 as an affiliate over the past few years with Builderall, and can say that it really has a great affiliate program.

Try Builderall


Optimizepress 3 Logo
Optimizepress 3 Is Still A Great Option For Marketers In 2022

I wrote recently about why I think Optimizepress 3 is still an amazing option for marketers in 2022.

Especially if, like me, you have been using WordPress as your base of operations since 2009 or any time since then.

Optimizepress was one of the first digital marketing tools I ever purchased, and they have only gotten better with time.

The most current version, Optimizepress 3.0, comes fully loaded with dozens of beautiful templates for creating sales pages, optin pages, landing pages, and full sales funnels quickly.

Plus, one of the greatest advantages Optimizepress offers over competitors is their pricing.

Optimizepress pricing is yearly, so you just pay one amount to license the software for many of your sites.

Currently, the lowest plans starts for just $99/year, which is about the same as the monthly price of all the other competitors listed on this page.

If you find yourself building a lot of pages and want to avoid the recurring fees of solutions like Clickfunnels, Kartra, Builderall, and Groovefunnels, you should look into Optimizepress.

Check out my full Optimizepress 3.0 Review here.

Try Optimizepress 3.0

These days if you’re not building paid advertising (ppc) campaigns into your marketing plan, you’re really missing out on the biggest and highest scale opportunities for growth.

PPC is complicated, but having the right tools and systems can make the job incredibly easier and the returns can be overwhelmingly positive.

From Google Ads to Bing (Microsoft) Ads to Facebook ads, here are the top tools to help make managing your paid marketing campaigns easier and more profitable.

Best Paid Advertising Tools
Affiliate Marketing Tools 35


Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Logo
Affiliate Marketing Tools 36

Google Ads Editor is a VERY powerful tool if you’re running some serious google ads campaign.

  • Microsoft Ads Editor
    • Basically, a clone of the google ads editor, but for microsoft (bing) ads
    • Just as powerful
  • Keyword Wrappers
  • UTM Builders
  • Ad Spy Tools
    • Facebook Ads Spy Tools
      • Adspy – A spy tool for facebook ads
    • Google Ads Spy Tools
      • Spyfu
        • This one makes quick work of competitive analysis. You don’t have to guess on keywords, landing pages, or ad copy to use in your google or bing ads – you can just see what the most successful advertisers for that keyword are already using. 
        • Their reports are amazing and can literally save you tens of thousands of dollars and months of time testing. 

📺 Youtube & Video Marketing Tools

Youtube Marketing Tools
Affiliate Marketing Tools 37

  • VidIQ
      • The Ultimate in Youtube Analytics & Keyword Research. 
      • This tool makes quick work of breaking down the keywords, angles, and tags that you need to include in your videos to get ranked. 
      • It also lets you spy on just about every aspect of anyone’s channel, letting you know their top videos, keywords, and other key stats in a few seconds.

🖊 Copywriting Tools

Copywriting Tools
Affiliate Marketing Tools 38

  • Swiped.Co
      • A massive collection of proven, successful ads, sales letters, and copywriting examples to inspire and model. 
    • 🤖 Conversion AI
      • Almost unbelievable. This AI driven software actually follows through on the promise that many have made – it actually writes pretty great copy for you automagically. 
      • Really good for writing headlines, ad copy, or even an outline of a great blog article. 
      • You’ll just have to try it – it’s amazing!
    • Funnel Scripts
      • A copywriting script tool built by the Clickfunnels team, pre-AI. It uses proven templates from the direct response copywriting world, and Clickfunnels probably has one of the best experiences with those models and scripts, so this is a great source. 




  • Reddit Marketing Tools
    • Subreddit Stats
      • Tool for watching the stats of subreddits
      • Really great to watch for % increase in growth for subreddits – this is a great way to monitor for general trends
  • 🕵️‍♂️ Analytics & Tracking
    • Hot Jar
    • Microsoft Clarity
      • Microsoft’s Free Version of Hot Jar
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Data Studio
      • If you want to dazzle and impress clients, this tool can take the task of analyzing tons of complicated analytics and data, and automatically import them into beautiful, easy to understand visual tools.

⌨️ SEO Tools

Seo Tools
Affiliate Marketing Tools 39

Keyword Research & Traffic Analysis Tools

Best Keyword Research Tools
Affiliate Marketing Tools 40
  • Semrush
        • One of the biggest, baddest, and oldest competitive analysis tools on the market. 
        • You can get full breakdowns of any websites traffic, keywords, and rankings in a few seconds. 
        • You can download up to 30,000 keywords in an instant. 
        • It makes you look like a marketing genius.
  • Ahrefs
    • If you can afford the hefty price tag, this is the grandaddy of all SEO tools. 
    • It is the industry standard for a reason. It’s so powerful, and there are so many features, it can be overwhelming. But every effort to learn how to use it can yield tremendous rewards in your ability to understand and make better marketing decisions
  • Surfer SEO
    • Amazing software that basically tells you exactly what and how to write in order to create content that ranks in search engines
  • SEO Powersuite
  • Article Writing Software
    • Articleforge
      • Really good at generating an entire article based on a keyword without you having to touch anything
    • Conversion AI
      • Takes some more work, but the writing is better and sounds more natural
  • Content Spinners & Rewriters
  • Link Building
    • Link Whisper
      • A tool made to help make internal linking on your wordpress site very easy and save dozens of hours of work. 

Best Content Writing Tools

Best Content Writing Tools
Affiliate Marketing Tools 41

#1 Recommendation: Article Forge

Article Forge is my favorite content generation tool, especially if you’re using the AI-written posts for SEO and affiliate marketing.

It creates entire SEO keyword optimized articles by clicking a few buttons.

Plus, they can be automated to post to blogs, and you can create articles in bulk, which can be a huge time saver.


Article Forge Header
Affiliate Marketing Tools 42

Article Forge is a dream for anyone who loves automation – wordpress integration, bulk article creation, simple integration with WordAI for content spinning, easy API integration, and very minimal input to create high quality articles fast, and in bulk.

Their article engine also includes options to find and incorporate youtube video embeds, links, and sub-keywords.

Try Article Forge Today. You won’t be disappointed.

Jasper AI

Jasper (formerly known as Jarvis AI and Conversion AI) is a very popular tool created by pro marketers to help you in nearly every aspect of content creation in your marketing business.

Jasper is an AI assistant that helps you write amazing content from scratch.

No more writer’s block, no more wondering what content to come up with.

Jasper’s writing ability has been amazing to me from the beginning. It’s really shocking how well it can write.

Try Jasper Today (You’ll be up & running in 2 minutes)


Jasper Ai Review
Affiliate Marketing Tools 43


Headlime Preview
Affiliate Marketing Tools 44

When you have a million things to do, you don’t have time to write high-quality content.

Headlime automatically generates the best copy for your business or clients and leaves room for your personal touch.

Great for: Marketing Agencies, Copywriters, Business Owners.

Try Headlime Today.

Marketing copy that writes itself, powered by GPT-3

Our AI let\’s you generate more effective marketing copy faster. We use artificial intelligence to do the copywriting for you.

From Facebook Ads to headlines—our AI comes up with text that converts.Powered by GPT-3 from OpenAIGenerate effective copy fastFacebook Ads, Headlines, Idea Generator and more

Headlime Overview
Affiliate Marketing Tools 45


Writesonic is an AI writing tool that generates high-quality articles, blog posts, landing pages, Google ads, Facebook ads, emails, product descriptions, and more in seconds.

Rated 5-star in 5000+ reviews.

Website Copy

  • Landing Pages
  • Feature to Benefit
  • Headers
  • SEO Meta Descriptions
Writesonic Review
Affiliate Marketing Tools 46

Join over 40,000 leading brands, agencies and content writers.


Writesonic Demo
Affiliate Marketing Tools 47

Best Content Spinners & Rewriting Tools


Cleanshot 2022 09 02 At 15.42.22@2X
Affiliate Marketing Tools 48

🚀 Best Traffic Automation Tools

YT Evolution

YT Evolution is an amazing new tool for affiliates that automates traffic by helping you build fully functional and useful niche websites that can be used to get traffic for promoting affiliate offers, or even being monetized with Google Adsense by pulling in content from tools like article forge and from relevant niche Youtube channels.

See my full review here.

Yt Evolution By Chris Derenberger Overview
Affiliate Marketing Tools 49

🎨 Web Design & WordPress


  • Elementor
      • The go to solution for designing web pages with wordpress in 2021. 
      • They really have a fantastic user interface that’s comfortable for anyone who’s been using wordpress for a while, and they have nearly infinite options to choose from. 
    • Thrive Themes

🎨 Graphic Design


      • Canva is an amazing all-stop shop for letting people who have no idea how to design make actual beautiful designs. 
      • It’s free, and it’s got thousands of amazing templates of everything from logos to 
      • Unbelievable value. 
    • Logos
      • Tailor Brands
        • Creates absolutely stunning beautiful designs and logos. Reasonable pricing. 
        • I got 50% off by having the Honey app installed. 
    • CSS
      • Learn CSS – Web.Dev
        • This course breaks down the fundamentals of CSS into digestible, easy to understand pieces.
    • Icons
      • Iconic
        • Free, “do wtf you want with” pixel-perfect icons
        • New icons added every week.

↗️  Link Click Tracking 


  • Clickmagick
      • This is my go-to app for tracking anything. Especially useful for paid traffic & affiliate marketing. 
      • It has amazing tools if you’re an affiliate, including:
        • Split Testing
        • Link Rotators
        • Pixels & Retargeting
        • Funnel Tracking
        • Tons more
      • Such a powerful tool for tracking, and such a low price

🏷 App Deals


  • Appsumo
      • This is a super fun, and also very useful site that offers deals on apps and tools that help with just about everything you could want to do, but especially for marketers.
      • There are thousands of tools offered at steep discounts

Run by Noah Kagan

🌎 Domains


🧾 Invoicing


  • Chimp Charge
      • Super simple way to manage invoices with clients

🗂 Productivity


  • Notion
      • New productivity tool that’s taking the tech world by storm. 
      • It can be used for just about anything organization-wise.

🎬 Video Editing


  • KamuaAI Video Editing App
      • Crazy cool AI-powered video content app. I’m trying it out and it seems awesome.
      • The main thing it does really well so far that nobody else has is, it takes one big video and automatically chops it up into clips. This is a massive time saver. I’ve been looking for this forever.
      • It also automatically can export the same video into formats that fit multiple platforms – so the same video can be put out for instagram, tik tok, and youtube. Amazing.

🎙 Podcasting


      • The easiest way to start and grow a podcast, by far



📈 Marketing Books


📧 Email Marketing Books


  • Million-Dollar Email Templates 2.0 by AppSumo
      • the million-dollar emails that AppSumo used to help grow into a nine-figure business
    • Lead Funnels – by Rusell Brunson (Clickfunnels)
      • A list of successful optin & lead funnel case studies
      • A really cool breakdown of what makes successful lead generation funnels, including over 100 case studies you can see broken down visually. 
      • Really incredible resource for anyone who is going to be building lists for email marketing

🚀 Traffic Generation Books


💰 Sales Books


  • 🏆 Expert Secrets – Russel Brunson – Brad’s Pick
      • This has got to be the best book on sales I’ve ever read. 
      • The title is misleading – even though it’s positioned as a way to build an “Expert” business – the frameworks presented inside are a master class in sales, marketing, & persuasion. 
      • This is a book you will want to read and re-read many times if you’re in sales or marketing. 
    • Pitch Anything – Oren Klaff
      • A master class in reading and “owning” the room
      • Also really great at “frame control” ideas – learning about power and social dynamics, especially in the context of business, sales, and negotiation
    • The 10x Rule – Grant Cardone
      • Amazing book for anyone who wants motivation. For anything. Especially if you’re a sales professional, but even if you’re not. 
      • This book really gives you the courage and excitement to go out and tackle any goals you have. 
      • It’s an amazing mindset for setting goals worthy of your limited time on this earth. 
      • I highly recommend the audio version read by Grant himself.

🖊 Copywriting Books


Best Copywriting Books – a list by Charles Gno

SEO Books

5 Only SEO Books You Ever Need – by Matthew Woodward

💪 Growth Hacking Books


🗣 Social Media Books


Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook – Gary Vaynerchuck



💪 Growth Hacking Podcasts

Growth Led Podcast – by Craig Zingerline of

📰 Best Digital Marketing Newsletters in 2022

Affiliate Marketing Newsletters


Landing Page Newsletters



📈 Marketing Newsletters


  • Stacked Marketing 
      • This newsletter started out being very affiliate marketing driven, but I think they’ve recently chosen to pivot into more of a digital marketing general newsletter. Either way, I enjoy reading it. 
    • 💰The Hustle by
      • I really love this newsletter. Something about their punchy writing style. They focus on marketing, business, tech, finance. 
      • Somewhat similar to Morning Brew but more leaning towards marketing & tech than the markets. 
    • Trends.Vc
      • Another really slick newsletter on the “trends” trend.
    • The Tilt
      • Built by the creators of “Content Inc” – all about building a content based business, and emerging trends in content marketing. 


📊  Business & Trends Newsletters


  • ☕️ Morning Brew (Free)
      • This awesome newsletter has taken the business & marketing world by storm by building a small simple newsletter into a multi million dollar business. 
      • Once I started reading it, I see why. It’s just enough info to keep you interested, but not too long to get boring.
      • They try to summarize what’s up in the business world every day, including stocks, crypto, and cultural events as well. 
      • Very entertaining, I love having a morning brew while reading morning brew.

👨‍🏫 Best Digital Marketing Courses In 2022

Copywriting Courses

⌨️ SEO Training Courses


📧Email Marketing Training Courses


  • Newsletter Creation
      • Newsletter OS
        • A system built in to help you build newsletter step by step


🖲 Website Admin Training Courses

  • CPanel University (Free)
      • I just found out about this – and am blown away! If you’ve been dealing with web hosting for as long as I have, you know how frustrating it can be to feel like you’re at the whim of the support staff at your web host – are they nice? Attentive? Cranky because they haven’t had lunch yet? You never know!
      • This is a full (free) course on everything about Cpanel, which is the software that most webhosts use. Every bit of info you can get from this is going to help you be more agile & nimble in running a digital marketing business. 
      • Another perk – I know I have wasted THOUSANDs of dollars on simple ignorance when it comes to web hosting – being way overcharged for services I didn’t use. 
      • I think If I would’ve gone through this training, I could’ve saved myself a lot of dough. 

📔 Digital Marketing Reports & Guides

Dropservicing Guides

Google Tag Manager Guides

Landing Page Guides

✍️ Content Creation Guides

Design Guides

  • Design Psychology – a list of psychology principles that influence good design

📣 Branding Guides

📈 Marketing Guides

⌨️ SEO Guides

📸 Instagram Guides

📌 Pinterest Guides

🚀 Product Launch Guides

📑 Templates

🗣 Social Media

🔥 Tips & Tricks 

📺 Digital Marketing Youtube Channels

Youtube Ads

Web Hosting

📝 Digital Marketing Blogs

Marketing Case Studies

🧠 Mindset For Markters