YT Evolution Review | Software That Builds Assets For You?

Have you heard of YT Evolution by Chris Derenberger?

This is my brief YT Evolution review.

Yt Evolution By Chris Derenberger Overview
YT Evolution is a product that helps you rank easier with SEO by using other people’s content.

This awesome tool builds entire websites for you in a couple clicks and automatically fills them with keyword rich and google-friendly content directly from relevant youtube channels.

How To Win The Organic Traffic Game

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This tool I just got my hands on that does something I’ve wanted for a few years now. 

Ever since I learned the truth about SEO…

That it’s not nearly as difficult as everyone makes it out to seem. 

You just need to create relevant content to relevant keywords. 


And here’s the key that nobody else really talks about:

One way or another, you need to make LOTS of content. 


THAT was the missing piece for me. 

I just didn’t realize HOW MUCH content I needed to make. 

It’s almost like you have to make google notice you by publishing tons and tons of content. 

So how do you publish TONS of content (Fast)? 

Yt Evolution By Chris Derenberger Demo
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There are a few ways that you can create enough content to get google to pay attention and reward your site with real traffic and affiliate commissions: 

  • Writing articles by hand (could take you months to years to make enough content to get traffic)
  • Or, you could pay people to write for you (if you have a big budget AND patience)
  • OR my favorite way, with software (like this handy tool) . 

Luckily, we live in a glorious age – the age of automation. 

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A couple days I told you about a really great article writing AI tool named Article Forge

Article Forge helps you write SEO optimize articles by using AI automation. It’s amazing. 

Recently, they just released Article Forge 4.0

But today’s tool is a bit different. 

It doesn’t just build articles for you – it builds ENTIRE affiliate SITES for you. 

Pre-loaded with keyword-rich and google-friendly content, taken directly from Youtube Channels with relevant content. 

 Build Entire Optimized Sites With A Few Clicks <<<

The End Result of Tons of Content Is ______ 

Thinking Face Emoji

The end result of lots of content is that google “wakes up” and recognizes your sites. 

Then you start getting traffic

And as affiliates, our job is simple:

Traffic + Offers

Get Traffic. Send it to offers. That’s it. 

So if you build assets that generate traffic, all you need to do is point that traffic at relevant affiliate offers. 

(Which this software also makes incredibly easy, by the way.)

If you want to start building assets the smart way, check out YT Evolution

Happy Automating, 

“The Nomad” Brad

The Nomad Brad
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