Article Forge 4.0 Review, Updates & Features

Article Forge 4.0 has just been released!

If you follow my youtube channel, you know that I’m a huge fan of Article Forge, and I think it’s one of the best AI content writer programs out there.

My Article Forge Review (Demo & Walkthrough)

Here’s my review and demo of Article Forge, specifically how I use it for affiliate marketing.

Article Forge 4 New Features & Updates

New Feature #1: Update to Article Flow and Cohesion

This update is to generally help with the flow of the articles, and is especially useful for the longer form articles – 1,500 words or more.

I usually stick with the 750 words “long” article format, but it seems that Article Forge may be trying to keep up with programs like Jasper AI which is always adding new features and works more like a writing assistant to help write longer articles and content.

Excluded Topics

In Article Forge 4.0 you can now add excluded topics to make sure that Article Forge doesn’t include certain topics when it creates your article – this is great for excluding competitors, for example

Feature #3: Additional user seats for employees, contractors, or virtual assistants

Finally, Article Forge 4.0 is moving into a “user seat” model where you can pay for additional user seats for team members to be able to use it to create and edit content.

There are various permission settings that you can use per user when you add them so that your team members only have access to the parts of your account that they need.

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