How To Use Article Forge For Affiliate Marketing

Article forge is a great tool to add to your affiliate marketing toolbox.

Article Forge has made me and a lot of other affiliates a lot of money.

It’s totally changed what I think about SEO and especially SEO affiliate marketing.

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It basically writes SEO optimized articles for you, using AI.

I know, there are a lot of these services popping up right now, usually with a lot of hype.

But in this case, there’s no hype. It just works.

I’ve used it to generate many thousands of articles at this point, and generate tens of thousands of affiliate commissions.


What Does This AI Tool Do?

It eliminates the part of content marketing that most affiliates hate:

Creating the content!

article forge helps you write articles really fast & easy

Haha. I know. We’re all very silly.

But, it’s true. We hate making content, but we love to see what that content can do when it brings in traffic to our offers!

This tool will give you the ability to create 250-1000 articles per month for a small fee.

That gives you a lot of room to TEST your ideas and see if they would work.

Now, you may think: “hey, these articles can’t POSSIBLY rank”.

But, you would, in fact, be wrong.

They do.

(IF you learn how to use them properly of course)

Try Article Forge For Free <<<


Here’s how to use these articles to rank and make commissions

The top strategy to use to pair with this powerful software?

Targeting many low competition keywords

Since you’re only spending a few minutes (and clicking a button) to create these articles, you’re not risking anything to create them and try them out.

Instead of spending hours, weeks, or longer writing an article that you HOPE will rank, you can write dozens to hundreds of articles quickly, copy and paste them in, and move on…

Testing dozens to hundreds of keywords.

and I can assure you…if you create enough articles based on low competition “long tail” keywords….

Even if they’re written by AI with this tool…

You WILL start to rank, and will get real traffic to your offers.

Which is all you need to create a new source of affiliate income for yourself.

Traffic + Offers. That’s it.


  • Step 1: Find low competition “long tail keywords”
  • Step 2: Create one article for each of these keywords
  • Step 3: Publish the article on a blog
  • Step 4: Wait for traffic
  • Step 5. Rinse. Repeat.

If you learn how to use them properly, you can make a lot of money with this simple tool.

Check out this affiliate “secret weapon” and try it out for yourself.


“The Nomad” Brad

The Nomad Brad

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