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The Easiest Method To Start Affiliate Marketing in 2023

This is the absolute easiest way to get started with affiliate marketing in 2023.

  • WITHOUT creating videos
  • WITHOUT spamming your friends on Facebook
  • WITHOUT creating social media content

You’re going to use good old fashioned SEO.

It’s going to be simple.

The Simple Affiliate Equation:

Traffic + Offers = $$$

Step 1: Choose Your Offer

Free Affiliate Marketing Course Choose An Offer
Free Affiliate Marketing Course 9

First, you need to choose an offer.

This doesn’t really have to be complicated. Just choose an offer that you’d like to promote.

If you want ideas, you can start with the recurring affiliate offers list or the nomad niches list.

After you choose an offer you want to promote, it’s time to create a website where you can start creating lots of content to attract visitors from search engines to your site.

Recurring Programs

Top Niches Report

Recurring Affiliate Programs Pdf
Top Affiliate Niches In 2022

Step 2: Create A WordPress Blog

Free Affiliate Marketing Course Create A Simple Blog
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You’re going to need a blog that’s going to draw in traffic.

I recommend starting with Bluehost.

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You only need the basic plan, none of the bells and whistles.

If you need help picking which plan or getting it set up, contact me or watch my WordPress Affiliate Website tutorial.

If you want to check out a couple other good hosting options, go check out my favorite hosting plans.

Download the WordPress Affiliate Site Checklist to make sure you cover all the angles.

Set Up Your WordPress Site For SEO

Once you get it set up, check out my SEO On Page Checklist to get it set up with the basics for ranking.

The main things to make sure to get set up:

  • Install a simple WordPress theme (I recommend this one)
  • Install an SEO Plugin (I recommend this one)
  • Set up the Bing Instant Index feature on Rankmath
  • Submit your sitemaps to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools

How To Create A WordPress Affiliate Site

You can check out this handy tutorial I made on the full process for creating your WordPress Affiliate Website.

Don’t forget to download the WordPress Affiliate Website checklist.

Step 3: Get Keywords

Free Affiliate Marketing Course Get Long Tail Keywords
Free Affiliate Marketing Course 11

Next, you need to get long tail keywords.

Don’t worry about competition level, search volume, or anything like that.

You just need as many long tail keywords about your offer or niche as possible.

The easiest, free keyword tool is keywordsheeter.

How To Get Tons of Long Tail Keywords With Keywordsheeter

But you can also use Ahrefs or Semrush if you have them. They will be better, but they are both most expensive.

Here are other good free options:

Enter your root keyword and download as many long tail keywords as you can

Money Robot Keyword Tool Screenshot
Free Affiliate Marketing Course 12

Now that you’ve got your keywords, it’s time to create some content.

And if you’re just testing out an offer or niche, you don’t want to invest in a ton of content that won’t even rank.

That’s why you should use AI to automatically generate.

Step 4: Create AI Content With Article Forge

Free Affiliate Marketing Course Create Content With Article Forge
Free Affiliate Marketing Course 13

This amazing tool is going to generate AI content for you.

Step 5: Create An Article For EVERY Long Tail Keyword

Cleanshot 2022 10 28 At 15.53.07@2X
Free Affiliate Marketing Course 14

The next step is to simply create and publish one article on your site for every long tail keyword.

You’re going to create one article for every long tail keyword.

Select these options in article forge:

  • Include Video
  • Length: 750 Words

I would not include an image, titles, or headers.

But you can experiment if you want and see if they work for you.

Including a youtube video will help you get indexed and ranked in google better.

The Bulk Article Generator feature will give you immense leverage. You can set up all the keywords you want to create articles for, and

If you’ve set up your site correctly following the instructions above, then your site should start to get indexed anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

You should be able to get traffic and just simply set up some banner ads on your site with links to your affiliate offer, and that’s everything you need.

Step 6: Create Links To Your Offer

The next step is to link your traffic to your offer.

If you remember the simple affiliate equation above: Traffic + Offers = $$$$

So your long tail articles will start to go out and pull in traffic.

The traffic will come to your site. Then, it’s your job to take the traffic on your site and send them to your offer.

Some recommended methods:

  • Banner Ads – create banner ads for your affiliate offer and put them on your site in the “widgets” section of WordPress
  • Embed Links in your content – I use Thirsty Affiliates to create nice looking affiliate links.
  • Create a popup banner on your site – I use Elementor Pro to do this.

Keep Publishing

That’s it. If you keep publishing content to your site about long tail keywords, and you set up your WordPress correctly, then you should be able to generate traffic, clicks, and commissions soon.

Of course, there are many factors and I can’t guarantee anything.

It won’t work for every offer, niche, angle, etc. But this guideline if applied correctly can yield tremendous results.

Want to take it to the next level?

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