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Answer The Public Review

Answer The Public is another tool that I’ve used for a few years now for keyword research.

Answer The Public Visual Data
Answer The Public is a great option for free keyword research.

Why Use Answer The Public?

#1 – It’s Free

Especially when I was on a really tight budget, this tool was great to use because it gives you quite a lot of data for free.

#2 – It gets data that other tools don’t

Because this tool focuses just on finding questions/answers in search, it ends up coming up with a lot of searches that other tools might not – or they’d be too deeply buried to notice.

#3 It looks really impressive

If you work with clients, simply running their company or niche/industry through this tool in 5 seconds will create a VERY impressive visual diagram of the things that people search for in their topic.

Try Answer The Public (Free)

Answer The Public Review Video

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