New Free Keyword Research Tool – Newsletter 8/24/22

Hey there, I just released another Youtube Short video about another “secret” Free Keyword Tool that you can use to do killer keyword research: ​Watch The Video On Youtube Shorts here <<<​ ​OR you can watch it on Tik Tok here <<<​​In case you missed the other 2 free tools I mentioned, ​See all 3 Free Keyword … Read more

Answer The Public Review

Answer The Public is another tool that I’ve used for a few years now for keyword research. Why Use Answer The Public? #1 – It’s Free Especially when I was on a really tight budget, this tool was great to use because it gives you quite a lot of data for free. #2 – It … Read more

Keyword Sheeter Review – FREE Keyword Tool

If you’re looking for a great FREE keyword tool to give you lots of long tail keywords, then you should check out Keyword Sheeter. It’s a tool that not everyone knows about. And hilariously enough, it used to be called “Keyword Shitter” and had a toilet as a logo to boot. So they definitely have … Read more