AI Profits Review | by Chase Reiner

Have you heard of AI Profits by Chase Reiner?

You’ve probably seen this guy around the past couple years…he’s a beast!

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He generates tons of great marketing content, and I’ve purchased a few of his products. He definitely knows how to create a vortex of energy and results.

Not surprisingly…he’s gotten his start (and still teaches) SEO…hmm…seems like a lot of successful affiliates start with SEO… 🤔

Lately, a lot of my friends who are doing really well with the next “frontier” of affiliate traffic…YT shorts & Tik Tok videos…

(They’re building up massive lists and seeing the kind of growth that only happens every few years…and tends to go away quickly…)

They all point back toward this course as the one that helped them get their footing and get off the ground quickly.

If you’re interested in learning about what is probably the biggest traffic opportunity that we’ll see for a while…

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Why Should You Be Interested In AI-Based Content?

robot playing piano
Sure, he can play piano – but can he WRITE A HEADLINE? – photo credit:

Well, in short…it’s focused on automation. One of my favorite quotes I’ve learned from the past few years is from Robert Kiyosaki:

“The people who will win financially are those willing to do more and more with less and less”

Do more and more, with less and less.

How Do You Do More and More With Less and Less?

grayscale photo of person holding glass
Time to start playing chess. – photo credit:

Leverage is the key word here.

And no, that doesn’t mean work harder.

That’s a simple solution that CAN produce results…

But it’s not how the smartest people in the world improve their results. 

They don’t work harder.

They learn to play chess.

They think about strategysystems…(and in the modern era) software…

And there are lots of ways to improve leverage.


I’ve found in a lot of testing that hands-down the best way to do more and more with less and less is with AUTOMATION…

Through Strategy, Systems, and Software.

And this course teaches you how to use all 3. 

Specifically, by leveraging the power of Software that we have at our hands these days, and combining it with a well-designed and battle-tested SYSTEM and of course, a STRATEGY that works.

Combined, these 3 things are VERY powerful.

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The Winning Combination

Almost all of leverage lies in the modern age comes from combining these 3 things.

And specifically right now – utilizing AI-powered software.

The people who are figuring this out right now (I’m trying…though admittedly I am slow to learn most things…) are zooming ahead.

And everyone else will get left behind.

And that’s what this course is all about. Leverage. Automation. And Software.

All of which I love.

And if you’re serious about making a good living online, I think you should start to love all of those things as well. 

🤖 Check Out The AI Income Automation Course

Happy automating, “The Nomad” Brad

The Nomad Brad

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